Are You Tuning in to Watch Kirstie Alley’s Big Life?

Kirstie Alley's Big Life

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Did you hear that Kirstie Alley wis getting a new show? Kirstie Alley’s Big Life is coming to your television soon. I must admit I was very skeptical of this reality TV show. I mean who wants to see every little move a person makes? I know my life is full of drama, spontaneous fun and stressful situations but that doesn’t mean my life should be on TV.

But, in the case of Kirstie Alley’s Big Life, I will swap my shrugged shoulders and my “I don’t give a what”  expression for a two thumbs up gesture. The show is a comical reality show, documenting Kirstie Alley’s efforts to lose weight. Amongst her numerous tabloid exposes and her public weight loss efforts with Jenny Craig ( which did not last long), Kirstie is determined to win her weight loss battle and uncover a healthy regime that we all can follow.

Where to Tune In To Watch Kirstie Alley’s Big Life

The show airs on A&E at 10pm every Sunday and this past Sunday the series began with it’s first episode.

I loved Kirstie’s brutal honesty and how she pays close attention to raising her children and her image. I never really knew or understood until now, how certain celebrities truly lived until I watched this show. Kirstie is constantly haunted by paparazzi and before she can even sit down to enjoy her day, her  photos are posted all over the world.

As a plus size women I can totally agree with some of the Kirstie’s statements. It is always best to live a healthy life but to me the size doesn’t matter.  The difference between her and I is that I love my body and I could not see myself without my lovely lady lumps, the curves in my spine and the roundness of my behind.  But to each her own!!!

What do you think? Will you be watching and tuning in? What are your immediate thoughts? 

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  1. I love Kirstie Alley. She seems so down to earth and she is absolutely gorgeous. I agree with you completely. The ideal is for us to be happy with our bodies but if we’re not, we should be proactive and do something about it 🙂

  2. I’ve always liked her. I missed it but just checked and luckily they are showing 1/2 again so I’ve PVR’d all 4 LOL Thanks for the heads up. I knew it was coming on but didn’t realize it was so soon. I’m surprised I missed it in the twitterfeed.

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