In case you missed it- Plus Size Fashion news is everywhere

If you are looking for the latest plus size fashion, happening across the internet, make sure you catch this 2010 January plus size fashion news recap!

In less than a week’s time, six articles from an eclectic mix of news genres have seem to turn a direct eye on the existence, acceptance, disdain, and concern of plus size fashion; each offering their own take, understanding or definition of just what plus size fashion seems to be- a trend or reality.

Last week, we heard Australia’s Next Top Model Judge swear the plus size model industry is non-existent, the week before, we addressed what the newspapers called us in jest– a fad or a comeback. However, the latest round of coverage about plus size fashion seems to be a bit more pointed, as now experts are trying to weigh in on just what is happening here, I feel like a science experiment, reading how they are dissecting and prodding at our achievements made thus far.

Without further ado, please make sure you read through these all interesting and thought provoking stories- come back, and share your thoughts!

Your 2010 January Plus Size Fashion News Roundup

The Cut- World Increasingly Fascinated with Plus Size Models

The Independent- The Models look like real women shock

Jezebel- More voices join the Plus Size Fashion Conversation

NPR- Big Women Beautiful enough to fit into V

The Washington Post- Robin Givhan zeros in on the debate over plus size women in fashion

The Huffington Post- Robin Givhan: How can we celebrate all sizes when some are unhealthy


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  1. I love that you’ve collected these articles we’re seeing and put them in one place!

    I’m hoping we see a lot of “plus-size” models next month during NYC’s fashion week! That will help keep the conversation going and keep us “plus” women at the forefront of fashion where we belong!
    .-= Sage Salzer´s last blog ..Looks like we’re going to put this on the cover of my new comp card for Miami agency Dorothy Combs Models. What do you think? =-.

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