Hungry by Plus Size Model Crystal Renn

Did you hear the news? Crystal Renn has announced her memoir, Hungry! Down the runway in Jean-Paul Gaultier’s Spring pret-a-porter show carefully edited just for her sensual curves; cover girl for Harper’s Bazaar; featured spreads in Vogue magazine; Crystal Renn has redefined and exposed the true beauty of being a plus size model. But it did not happen overnight. With the debut of Hungry by Crystal Renn, we go a bit deeper. 

In her personal memoir, co- authored by Marjorie Ingall, Hungry shares the growth Crystal Renn endured living her life as a thin size 0 model and its tribulations with her health into the voluptuous size 14 and the successes as a plus model.

Hungry by Plus Size Model Crystal Renn

Hungry by Crystal Renn
Hungry by Crystal Renn

With a release date of September 8th, Hungry is noted for being:

“An eye-opening tale for all women, Hungry explores the difference between the fantasy that society projects and the reality of what makes us happy. Crystal Renn’s experience debunks the modern-day Cinderella story of the fat girl who loses weight to get happy.

This is a new fairy tale, one in which a young woman embraces the size she’s supposed to be and the world opens up for her.” — Lori Gottlieb, author of Stick Figure: A Diary of My Former Self.

Pre-order your copy now on at a special pre-order price of $16.50.

Score one for the Curvy.Confident.Chic plus size women shedding stereotypes and misnomers to weight!Go Crystal!

I am going to pre-order my book, are you?

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  1. This looks like something I want to read. It's better than the books that do give you that Cinderella story, or those that try to justify your misery with commiseration.

  2. I love the fact that she shares and celebrates the other side of all other books that celebrate weight loss! I am excited to read!

  3. The Judgment of Paris has a review up already:

    I originally wasn't going to buy the book, but after reading the review, I might purchase it. It sounds like it deals intelligently with some serious topics.

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