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First Look at New Plus Size Designer: Evie Foster

First Look at New Plus Size Designer: Evie Foster

Evie Foster. Designed to Kiss Your Curves

Ohhh! I am sooo excited to share with you the FIRST LOOK at the newest designer to emerge onto the plus size contemporary designer scene!

Enter in Evie Foster

Plus Size Designer Evie Foster
Evie Foster Debut Collection

The eponymous label of Evie Foster, Evie has always been an advocate for the empowerment of women. Evie Foster not only brings fabulous fashion, but through the collection, smashes the stigmas and stereotypes attached to the words PLUS SIZE.

On the topic of plus size fashion, Evie says “we are fat-not blind and we want fashion that fits, is comfortable, has a bit of sexy about it, and makes us feel like a goddess when we are wearing it.”

Enough teasing! Here are a few looks we can expect with the launch of her new collection!

[flagallery gid=7 name=”Gallery”]

(hint: to see the pictures in full size, click the FS button at the bottom right!)

Lovely YES?

I had the chance to chat with Evie and she is such a delight and passionate about her collection! Still in a soft launch- teasing us with what is to come, Evie Foster offers a unique selling proposition as she is giving YOU the Curvy Fashionista a chance to be a literal PART of the collection!

How you say?


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  • Having the chance to have a piece of a fashion collection named after and for you
  • Evie Foster designing a piece from her new collection- Kiss My Curves and name it after YOU!
  • Treated like a supermodel and become one the faces of the launch campaign
  • Receive over $3000 worth of services and product as part of this offer
  • Be an integral part of bringing this label to life and bring beautiful, sexy clothes into the marketplace.

Sounds kind of FABULOUS yes? Well, you can find out all about how you can support and be a part of the Evie Foster Brand here!

Want to know more about the collection and the designer behind the brand? You can fan Evie Foster on Facebook and she just joined Twitter too! Make sure, if you are on Twitter, that you follow Evie Foster on Twitter!

What do you think of the collection so far? Make sure you stay tuned- as I am SURE you will hear more from this AMAZING woman and designer of the EVIE Foster Collection!

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  • The sample designs are just like everything else that everyone else has done: armless, sacklack, and drawing attention to the belly. Rather than being flattering, they look designed to make the model look as hefty as possible.

  • Really? I think they look incredibly sexy, classy AND flattering. I know where I am from you can’t find plus size clothes this beautiful. The fabric is usually crap, it covers up everything, looks like a potato sack and ends up making you look 10 times bigger than you really are.

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