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Don’t Take Away My Curves

Don’t Take Away My Curves

Ashley Graham for Lane Bryant

I always feel extremely overwhelmed when I see ads splattered across televisions, internet, social media, and magazine platforms of women that look nothing like me. Am I supposed to aspire to look like them?

Isn’t imperfection supposed to be beauty?

I feel like they are telling me that my curves equal ugly.  That my curves are a sin I must cleanse myself from. But the last thing I want to do is cleanse myself of all of my beautiful imperfections.  Why does it feel like the media, the fashion industry, and everyone else, wants to take away my curves?

I can’t tell you how much I love my body.  My faults make me beautiful. I work hard for my assets and faults every day. It is who I am. I also learned that my body is MY BODY!  No one will treat it the way I will!  So, I started dressing to play up all of my assets: my face, my thighs and legs, my large bust and my derriere.

Then I thought to myself:

What if curvy women took a stand and said, “Don’t take away my curves!”

What would happen is a shift of self-acceptance, rocked by CURVY style.  There would be more of those gorgeous, healthy, fit, curvy, voluptuous women that I could relate to!  There wouldn’t be these messages telling me I am NOT enough; that I need to fix this or change that.  The messages that society pushes would no longer exist!  The billions of dollars go into plastic surgery, photo shop and editing, and specific messages that tell me what and how I should look and feel about my body would NO LONGER matter!

I thought that we should address some of the areas that the advertisements and media are always trying to tell you to “Fix” and share a little bit on how you can maximize your assets and take a stand too!  Because, not every woman wants a “slimming” pant, top, dress, or bathing suit- to look “ten pounds lighter,” right?

Don’t Take Away My Curves- Enhance Them

Large Bust

A large bust can improve your outfit by giving the illusion of an hourglass figure.  Your girls are there; you can’t avoid or hide them.  SO rather than tucking them away in layers of clothing, play it up with the right support!  Tame your girls and all will be right in the world…  What is the number one rule for enhancing these curves?  Get properly measured.

It will save you a lifetime of money not well spent, a back full of aches, and ill-fitting clothes involving the ladies.  You know what I mean!


Thick thighs are not a bad thing!  They are amazing.  I always get compliments on my thick legs.  They tell me they look great in heels and so on.  The fact is that thighs enhance those dresses.  They help continue that fabulous plus size figure of yours.  The trick here is the length of your shorts, skirt, or dress.  Where the hemline ends will draw specific attention away from or to your thighs!  SO play them up!


Every girl wishes they could have a JLO booty!  Many a plus size woman have been blessed ten times over with JLO-esque booties.  The best way to enhance it is with killer jeans or items that skim the curves perfectly! Playing up the booty is all about fit! A perfectly tailored dress, a pair of booty loving jeans- you get my point here?  

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Life is all about taking chances.  Many pay thousands of dollars for the chance to have your bust, your butt, thighs and curves!  So instead of hiding behind your hair or your clothes, take charge of that body.  Choose pieces that play up your assets and minimize the rest!

Lesson learned? Let no one take away YOUR curves


Bonnielee Cuevas is former NYC Fashion Stylist, and Journalist with a very successful portfolio. She left the fashion industry and is a Lifestyle, Holistic & Sustainable Expert, Humanitarian, and Mental Health Advocate. She has been a successful Entrepreneur for over 13 years. BonnieleeCuevas.Com is where you will find sprinkles of her personal adventures, encouragement through a sustainable, holistic, and positive approach to fill your body, mind, and spirit with pure JOY.

She has been seen and featured in (not limited to): CBS Radio Minnesota, Curvy Magazine, Adweek, Business Insider, Fashion School Dail, Oxygen Magazine and named one of Vogue’s Top Influential Social Media Darlings. You may have read many of her articles on sites like: The Curvy Fashionista, Dame Life Blog, Skorch Magazine and Zumba Life Magazine. Her passion and knowledge for style has never left her spirit, and she continues to freelance on the subject. 

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  • I agree with you WHOLE HEATEDLY!   My biggest concern is that I am OWNING my CURVAS to the UMPTEENTH yet MANY in MY OWN Community take it upon themselves to look down their noses at me??!! 
    So fine, the Media isn’t up to PAR to OUR Levels of Acceptance BUT can we work on an UPLIFTING community of women that understand and ACCEPT the different form of EXPRESSION and LIVING that WE CHOOSE to live?
    Facing “VOLUPTUOUS DISCRIMINATION” on the daily by OTHER Voluptuous Bodies really does chip off on my reserve.
    I AM HERE… I will NOT HIDE my Curvas PERIOD

  • I just posted on this yesterday. I dont believe in photoshopping in any way shape or form so I put myself out there in booty shorts with my cellulite hanging out lol! I also did a post about 2 months ago entitled These Are My Curves about the fact that I love my curves but just because I am curvy doesnt mean I am plus sized… its like they dont know what category to put me in… she isnt skinny but shes not plus sized hahaahh… F it all… I am me and I am Fabulous!


  • I am a size 12 and I went shopping for an outfit tonight for a weekend party. I am 31 and a mother of two. I have an hour glass body and actually like my body. I HATE buying clothes. I wish I knew how to “play up” my body. I am outdoorsy and love being active with my family. I would love to see outfits of what I should be wearing. LOVE your article… very inspirational. With everything you see/hear w/the media, it is hard not to feel like I should be working on “fixing” my body. :/

  • I loath my body as I have a box like shape, I suppose its classed as an upside down triangle, its not even apple although the top of me has a big belly, I have big shoulders, a thick, masculine waist and a flat bum and skinny legs, I just can’t find anything to like about this shape, even my neck is thick, its easy to see why a pear shape or hour glass shape would be happy with being bigger but there’s not much going for those of us with a big upper body and no hips and no bottom. I look like a mismatch as if someone glued a skinny woman to a fat one. Finding clothes for a manly shape that is plus size is a nightmare as almost all plus size clothes are for women with curves, I want to look femine and not butch, I also don’t want to be frumpish, I am 45 and feel old before my time in my clothes.

  • Wow, I’m 28 and male. Naturally tall and slim but I love curvy women. Thick thighs and a big bum, yes please and I don’t mean Beyonce. That is still slim to me. Not all guys want a stick-figure-boy-body-girlfriend-with-no-waist. The girls pictured above are what should be on the catwalks everywhere in my world lol. Yum.

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