You Oughta Know Dear Starlet- This Plus Size Danish Designer!

Okay ladies. My Curvy Fashionistas are you ready for this find? I don’t think you are, but I am going to share it with you anyways. If you have been looking for contemporary, higher end plus size fashion options, keep reading! Do you ever travel overseas (because you can only find it there)? Make sure to cop an outfit or two from Dear Starlet!

If I could have the whole line, I would. Clean lines, an elevated aesthetic, and a with a little bit of attitude? Oh yes. This is what today’s feature brings us. So, keep scrolling to learn more about this up and coming plus size designer, that you definitely need to know! 

What and who is Dear Starlet?

Dear Starlet- Plus Size Danish Designer This brand is a FIERCE Danish plus size designer label killing it overseas! We have tried our hardest to find this line in the US and it is nowhere to be found, but we must share with you this label, nonetheless!

Words cannot express how much we are in love! Especially if you fancy a little polish, with a whole lot of sass, Dear Starlet is working it. We know that you will be just as geeked as we are, as you take a peek at their latest designs!

Dear Starlet is carried in European sizes 42- 56, US 14- 28.  The collection positions itself in the higher end of the fashion spectrum! This designer is truly catering to the discerning plus size fashionista.

Dear Starlet- Plus Size Danish Designer

This brand plays with the visual lines of the woman’s curves and many variations. Dear Starlet regards beauty ideals as: “a question of female power and satisfaction, independent of size.” The collections are developed in a way, which favors the seven traditional body shapes (which I will discuss in a later post)!

And the styles are only made of fabrics that offer great luxurious comfort.

Dear Starlet- Plus Size Danish Designer

Truly, a gem to be nurtured, Dear Starlet is a label that I will always lust after and try my best to find for you Curvy.Confident.Chic. Fashionistas!

Shop the collection and learn more at

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  1. this is one of the hottest labels out there and I’m so glad to see that you highlighted it in your article.

    I need to discuss with you some further inviting you on my radio show for the Fashion Roundtable discussion coming soon.


  2. Wow! Those are STUNNING designs! And the prices aren’t bad in USD, but I’m having problems with the webshop. Have you been able to determine if they ship overseas?

  3. I have emailed, and have not been able to get an answer… but you should if you go to thier links page, theu do have a shop that they sell through that might help!

  4. Oowee, I LOVE this blog!! It looks great and is polished whereas mine is just thrown together! Definately adding you to my blogroll and thanks for introducing me to Dear Starlet- the range is fab!

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