My Style: Denim on Denim is Giving Me the Blues

My Style- Denim on Denim is Giving Me the Blues

Denim on Denim. Do you dare? I have long wanted to test the waters here in this denim trend. But the OG in me says NO. The daredevil in me says GO! So whenever I sit at a crossroads, if my spidey senses aren’t holding me back, I live life with no regrets! LOLOL and that is JUST what I did when I … [Read more...]

My Style- Laid Back in My Addition Elle Boyfriend Jeans

My Addition Elle Boyfriend Jeans

Boyfriend jeans. Such an interesting name for a pair of pants that we buy. I know that I couldn’t rock my new boo’s jeans, although that would be fun to try! So, in order for me to get the look and an extremely comfortable fit, I go and shop for some. In this case, I snatched up these Addition Elle … [Read more...]

Gotta Have It: Vince Camuto Plus Size Leather Sleeve Bouclé Tweed Coat

Vince Camuto Plus Size Leather and Tweed coat

In Cali, I am so happy that it is starting to cool down. Last year, we didn’t get a chill until November, so I will take a cool 50 degree night anyday! Perfect reason for me to rock this Vince Camuto Plus Size Leather Sleeve Tweed Coat. I am here for all of this. You see, mixed media and anything … [Read more...]

Gotta Have It: This Plus Size Leather Vest from Two by Vince Camuto

plus size leather vest by Vince Camuto

You know, I never thought much of rocking a leather vest, but since I have a new obsession with leather and a playful admiration of vests. When I saw this plus size leather vest from Vince Camuto, I immediately gave pause! I am not going to lie, when I first saw this I actually thought it was a … [Read more...]

Shop It: The Nordstrom Anniversary Sale in Plus Sizes

Nordstrom Encore Anniversary Sale Fashion Guide

Ahhh the Nordstrom Anniversary Sale. A time where folks go bananas at Nordstrom shopping the newest arrivals for fall, updating their wardrobe as the weather begs for transition. A time where you get the first look at the trends, designers, and looks that you could be rocking and drawing inspiration … [Read more...]

My Style: Black and White Stripes and a Slit by ASOS Curve

The CUrvy Fashionista- Marie Denee's Personal Style- In ASOS and Vince Camuto

My love for all things black and white won’t quit. Sassy, sophisticated, edgy, playful, sleek, sexy- this trend covers a wide variety of moods that I, as a Virgo, hold. Yes, I am a woman of many moods, and I am okay with that! LOL SO, when I saw this skirt at ASOS, in their main line, I … [Read more...]

Gotta Have It: This Vince Camuto Peplum Blouse

Vince Camuto Plus Size Cap Sleeve Peplum blouse

Tailored, classic, playful, and versatile. All that and then some is what this top from Vince Camuto is giving me. I love it and need this in my life like immediately! I imagine this Peplum Blouse from Vince Camuto  with about five different things already. I have these shorts that I … [Read more...]

What’s Hot: My Latest Picks at Nordstrom are Live!

Jan Nordstrom Top Picks from The Curvy Fashionista

Have you been to lately? Did you know that I have a section on the Encore page with my favorite picks? Yes! I do!!! At the end of November, Nordstrom and I have collaborated to raise awareness of their in store and online offerings! Being that they are one of the only department … [Read more...]

What I Wore: OOTD Casually Sparkling in Jibri

Outfit Post: Jibri and Vince Camuto

The day was Christmas and I wanted to be comfy. I wanted to look nice, without doing too much. I knew I was going to be on the floor with my nephew, chasing my niece, and eating myself into a mini coma. Comfort and fashion? What to wear? During the holidays, I had the chance to rock out with my … [Read more...]