This Week in the World of Plus Size Fashion and News

Plus Size Fashion and News

There is nothing like staying in the know, and with plus size fashion and the industry, there is more news breaking all the time. So we wanted to bring you a weekend recap of some of the best stories to get caught up in plus size news! And this week has been QUITE eventful.  Here's what's been … [Read more...]

A Spotlight on Queen Latifah’s Style on Her Show

Queen Latifah’s Style on the QLShow

I adore Queen Latifah. For multiple reasons. But as I have taken this path as a blogger, there are a few specific things that she has done that really inspire me and make me love her even more… Like, her show. Firstly, CONGRATS to her for scoring a renewal of the show for another season! This is … [Read more...]

Curves on the Red Carpet: Queen Latifah at the NYC Ballet Gala

Queen Latifah Red Carpet in Carmen Marc Valvo at the 2013 NYC Ballet

Have you ever googled Queen Latifah on the Red Carpet? If you ever are looking for red carpet inspiration, Queen Latifah is definitely it!  Seriously, she does work it and sooooo inspires me! For this event, I happened across her FB page and caught glimpses of her arrival and knew it was going to … [Read more...]

Get The Look: Queen Latifah

Queen Latifah

Image Credit: Starpulse Queen Latifah has come a long way since she came on the scene in the 80s as a rapper. Back then, her fashion choices left much to be desired but now, she is a true diva. She deserves her Cover Girl title just on the strength of her transformation. This outfit she wore to a … [Read more...]

A Plus Sized Night at 2012 The Golden Globes

Plus Size Fashion at the 2012 Golden Globes

Last night, if you were watching, was a fun night to watch the Golden Globes! For the Curvy Fashionistas, we had not one or two, but four voluptuous women grace the red carpet and stage- serving us different levels of glamour! SERVING it, you hear me!?! Queen Latifah, Amber Riley, Melissa … [Read more...]

7 plus sized celebrities I’d DIE to Interview

7 Plus Size Celebrities I'd love to interveiw

So, my mind has been thinking and wondering around the ideal of what it’s like being plus size in the media- especially after Jennifer Hudson’s insights of “Not Knowing She Was Plus Sized” in September’s Self Magazine.  [Inserts Eye Roll here] Anyways, this had me thinking, especially after Boris … [Read more...]