Plus Size Body Art: Curves and Tattoos

As you can tell, we are super infatuated with any form of art that praises every inch and curve of a woman’s body! It’s inviting, heart-warming, sexy, comforting, and always pleasing to the eye! Today we would like to showcase self expression at its finest; bold, beautiful, vivacious body art, rocked by curvy women themselves!

Anyone can agree when I say that tattoos on women are dope, edgy, chic, and sexy! They bring out those alter egos and a little bit of that “bad girl swag”, especially in our curvy girls! Some may say:  Can “big girls” even rock tattoos and look good?  The answer to that unintentionally ignorant questions is first DUH and then of course, YES!

Plus Size Body Art: Curves and Tattoos

Curves and Tattoos: Tess Munster

Curves and Tattoos: tess Munster on The Curvy Fashionista

Curves and Tattoos: VOLUP2

Curves and Tattoos: VOLUP2 on The Curvy Fashionista

Curves and Tattoos: Gorgeous Curves

Curves and Tattoos: Gorgeous Curves on The Curvy Fashionista

Curves and Tattoos:  JAIMIE NICOLE

Curves and Tattoos:  JAIMIE NICOLE on The Curvy Fashionista

 Curves and Tattoos:  JOSEFINE JONSSON

 Curves and Tattoos:  JOSEFINE JONSSON on The Curvy Fashionista


You see, the reason why people even have to ask a question like that is because they have been brainwashed. Brainwashed!? Yes. I said it and yes, I just went there! You see; society has brainwashed us to accept body builders, rockstars, and all other types of industry moguls  as people who are attractive and worthy of flaunting their tattoos all over the place. But curvy women? Not so much. Curvy women should be limited to the things they wear and the things they do, right? Everything isn’t for everybody, right? Wrong!

Once again, we are breaking that glass ceiling and proving people wrong.

Now, please excuse me. I just had a moment. But anyways, if you’ve never seen a curvy woman in tattoos, looking everything flawless, gorgeous, and sexy, then now is the time! Curvy women with body art aren’t given enough credit. I mean, look at how beautiful they are! I have a great admiration for any curvy girl that inks her body all up and rocks it well because not only does it give us a sense of who she is; but it sets her apart from the “big girls can’t” label. Curvy women is what we like to call them, and they can do anything.

They can have their bodies drenched in ink and still look sexy and sophisticated at the same time. How many people do you know who can do that?! Hello!

Do you rock tattoos? Are you a fan of Body Art? If you have some, Tag #TCFStyle on Instagram, so we can see!!!

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  1. Mollsy says

    Thank you for posting this! I’ve been wanting to get a half sleeve for a while now but always felt like my arms weren’t toned enough to do that. This just proved to me that I’ve just been helping to enforce that glass ceiling on myself!

  2. thirties girl says

    I’m a tattoo fan and have some myself. I love the look Tess Munster works, and other tattooed plus size models. I also like seeing beautiful, artistic photos of not only fat women, but fat, *tattooed* women, just to show the haters that tattoos don’t make women look “cheap,” “trashy,” or “haggardly,” assumptions I hear far too often from people who have issues with tattooed women.

  3. says

    I have three tattoos, and plan on a few more. I can’t get a ton, like I would like to because of no tattoo acceptance in my job (teaching preschool) so they all have to be covered. My next one will be a half sleeve, and I’m super excited to get it done! Being plus sized sure as hell isn’t going to stop me from expressing myself. (:

  4. RightasRain says

    I’m plus size and I just got my first half sleeve and I want to get more! Tattoos are a form of art so who cares what anyone thinks. Thanks for posting this article!

  5. April says

    I don’t have any tattoos but I can appreciate them on other people, and the curvy women you featured all look great!

  6. Anonymous says

    The pictured labelled as JOSEFINE JONSSON is not her at all. She was the photographer of that picture. The model is ElegyEllem.

    • says

      We credited the sources of where we got them… it is not a thing to change the name. I am sorry to have pissed you off… not intentional at all. If you happened to look at a few others, we labeled the places of where we got them, not all have the model’s names.

      • Anonymous says

        I’m not pissed off at all. I saw a couple labelled as models, missed the two that weren’t, and thought you were labelling models at first, but I see how you’ve done it now. I shouldn’t scroll so quickly lol. Peace :)

  7. Justsayin' says

    Wow, the questions about where is the cellulite and accusations about airbrushing really belie the attitudes that this whole post was about. Went right over your heads!
    Here’s a bit of re-education:
    Not all fat people have cellulite; no, cellulite and fat are not interchangeable descriptors.
    Some really skinny peeps have cellulite; yes, even if they are underweight.
    Cellulite is a condition of the underlying structures of the skin and tissues, and is not dependent on the amount of fat therein.
    It is often more noticeable on a larger person, but not limited to bigger folks.

    • stephanie says

      Thank you justsain’, finally someone gets it! Just as not all “fat” people have heart problems, Diabetes, high cholesterol, high blood pressure and so forth. I’ve been “fat” most of my childhood and adult life, but am proud to say I’m pretty healthy over all. Other than my weight issue of course but that is something to work on and I will happily say I have been. There are plenty of “skinny” people out there with more than one of these same health issues at a time, what’s their excuse?! I turned 34 years old in December of 2013 and was at an unhealthy weight of 388lbs, my heaviest ever! So I decided to make a few life changes in the new year, weight being one of them. Since my start date January 2014, I am now at an amazing 235lbs and feeling great and motivated. Thanks to herbalife and my great support system. I am proud to say I am a true testimony of herbalife. My journey is just beginning I have a long way to go but the fact that I started and did it for myself is what’s important! Instead of down talking to these women, contributing to low self esteem and whatever else. Why not just encourage a healthier life style! Calling them “fat” and asking where their cellulite went is irrelevant. Why not tell them how beautiful they are. How better health choices can lead them to live a long amazing life. We all come in different shapes, sizes and flavors. This is what makes us beautiful so don’t judge me because I don’t look like you! If I was ment to look like you, I’d be you!

  8. Trashy von Hell says

    Thank you for publish me.
    Can you let the crédit please on my picture ?: MODEL : TRASHY VON HELL PHOTOGRAPHER : EWA CIEZCOWSKA. LOCATION: FRANCE

    For the discussion ” cellulite” i doń´t have cellulite in réal life , even if i m curvy i m make sport and I m watching to hâve a good health … Sorry for my bad english i ´ m tired ^^

    Cheers from France

    Trashy von hell


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