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Coat Update 8 Plus Size Trench Coats You Need Now


Coat Update: 8 Plus Size Trench Coats You Need Now!

Looking for a stylish plus size trench coat to add to your wardrobe? Well, we found 8 chic and classic plus size trench coats sure to refresh your look and get you through these chilly months.

Is it SPRING yet?!? If you are anything like me, you’d like to grab Punxsutawney Phil from his little burrow and shake the… walnuts out of him for seeing his shadow, dooming us to six more weeks of winter. But if you are also like me, you know that we should REALLY look on the bright side. See the glass as half full, accentuate the positive, and all that good stuff. And I know that I cannot be the only one itching to shop for some newness… right? Well, how about a few coats that not only will keep us warm over these next few weeks but through spring? Yes… the Trenchcoat!

Sure, we have a way to go before our lives are sunny, bright, and full of spring renewal. But this means we have six more weeks of AWESOME coats we can all be rocking!! That’s pretty dope, right? And lucky for YOU lovelies, we’ve got eight gorgeous trench coats that you are going to want to rock for those long, six weeks and beyond!! You know how when you buy something and you are so hyped about it that you find places and reasons to wear it NOW? That is how I feel about these trench coat finds!

8 Must-Rock Plus Size Trench Coats You Need Now!

Short Belted Trench Coat at AshleyStewart.comShort Belted Plus Size Trench Coat

This little trench coat is an instant classic that can be both sweet and playful or chic and polished! The perfect go-to coat for the day to day life!

Michel Studio Trench Coat with Faux Leather Trims at 

Coat Update 8 Plus Size Trench Coats You Need Now

There are days when we really need to channel our inner Olivia Pope, and THIS is the trench coat to do that with. With faux letter trim and dramatic flare (made for stomping Olivia-style!), this coat is fashionable, functional, comfortable and most of all… Fitz-approved. Probably!

Caro Faux Suede Trench Coat by Manon Baptiste at

Coat Update 8 Plus Size Trench Coats You Need Now

In the mood to keep it retro? Your inner hippie chick will LOVE this diving faux suede trench coat. Add a pair of flared jeans and platform boots and you are instantly ready to hit the Haight-Ashbury district. Peace out!

Double Agent Belted Coat at Nordstrom.comDouble Agent plus size Belted Coat

Cloak and Dagger meet cute and daring! Are you a riddle wrapped into a mystery wrapped into an enigma? Then this belted coat is what you need to live out your Top Secret fantasies!


Crochet Trim Trench Coat at AshleyStewart.comCoat Update 8 Plus Size Trench Coats You Need Now

Don’t let the pure white fool you, this trench has a naughty, lacy little secret! Wear this trench out on a date to let them know you’re equal parts sugar and spice!

Belted Long Trench Coat by ELVI at

Elvi Belted Long Plus Size Trench Coat

This trench has a nude shade that is perfect for transitioning from winter to spring. With its soft and subtle pale blush, you’ll want to wear it Easter Sunday, and every Sunday that follows!

Cotton Blend Trench Coat by White Label Rofa Fashion at

Cotton Blend Trench Coat by White Label Rofa Fashion

What better way to show the world that you mean business than this FIERCE military-inspired coat? Check out those epaulets! If you have to brave the 9 to 5 in snow these next few weeks, then you should slay while you brave!!!

Black Liason Plus Size Trench Coat at

Black Liason Plus Size Trench Coat

5,4,3,2,1. This trench coat makes me want to break into Janet Jackson’s Rhythm Nation COMPLETE with choreography (Because it’s no fun without the choreography). If you’re a 90’s Diva fan, grab your hoop earring with the key attached and dance along with me!


Are you a fan of the trench coat? I personally the versatility of a trench coat, you can rock a trench or work or play. It’s actually a great wardrobe staple everyone should have in their closet. If you are looking for a few more tips with your coats, make sure you check out our Plus Size Coat Guide!

Which of these trench coats is YOUR must-rock favorite? Leave us a comment below telling us ALL about it!!

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