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Plus Size and Big & Tall Shopping Event in the South

Since 2015, the TCFStyle Expo, is a body-positive fashion fashion event that takes online conversations about plus-size fashion and advocacy, offline.

Independent and mainstream fashion brands are represented here, and women & men bond over style, entertainment and empowerment.

TCFStyle Expo
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Are you ready to shop?

Come ready to shop till you drop, hang out with your girlfriends, learn from some of the best in the industry, and soak up all of the plus size fashion that you can handle!

We have a full two days planned and have streamlined the ticket options for you! If you can only make it one day, no worries! If you want to make sure you are present for both days, then we got you!

If you want to take it up a notch, we have an amazing new VIP options for you! All you have to do is choose which one is best for you!


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8:00 AM – Blogger Mastermind Doors Open

5:00 PM – Blogger to Brand Speed Dating

7:00 PM – VIP Networking Mixer


10:00 AM – Blogger Brunch with Project Runway Panel

12:00 PM – 2019 TCFStyle Expo Doors Open

1:00 PM – Fashion to Figure Fashion Show

3:00 PM – Cosplay Catwalk Runway Show

3:30 PM – Big & Tall Fashion Show

6:00 PM – TCFStyle Expo Doors Close

8:00 PM – Pajama Party

9:00 AM – Coffee and Conversations with Tasha Cobbs-Leonard

12:00 PM – TCFStyle Expo Doors Open

12:00 PM – Level Up! Panel

1:30 PM – Bridal Fashion Show

2:00 PM – Finding Your Own Style Panel

3:15 PM – MVP Big & Tall Fashion Show

4:00 PM – TCFStyle Expo Doors Close


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Thank you to our 2019 TCFStyle Expo Sponsors

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