Another Wide Width Fashion Solution: Jen+Kim Shoes

Today we are taking a closer look at this custom shoe designer, jen+kim shoes and a review of my pair of thier newest shoes from thier collection!

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There are  three things in life that a fashionista cannot live without:


accessories and


If you dont have the perfect pair of shoes, your outfit is not complete. Your shoes can make or break your outfit, which is why it is imperative for you to put the same time and effort you have when shopping for clothes, when it comes to your SHOES!!!

I can spend an entire day going from store to store in search of shoes but at times my search for shoes can be cut short because of size restrictions. Lately, I have noticed that my size 10 shoes are gone before I can hit the store.  

I have also noticed that the designs of a shoe (i.e.  platform heels or pointy tips) can often create size constraints turning my size 10 shoe into a size 8.

Why does this always happen to me ?

It seems like the more I go to the shoe store to buy shoes, the more I am disappointed. It hurts me when I have to tell the shoe clerk– THE SHOES DONT FIT. It even scares me because I have gotten use to saying “IT DOESN’T FIT” when I try on clothes but NOT when I try on SHOES!!! This new feeling of disappointment is driving me crazy and my fingers are itching to satisfying my  monthly shoe-spree.

What is a girl to do? What is the solution?

JEN+KIM a CUSTOM shoe company!

Thats right ladies you heard me CUSTOM SHOES.  I did not know this company existed until Marie told me about them—Boy was I in for a treat!  When Jen+ Kim sent a pair of their showroom shoes  I couldn’t wait to try them on.  These lovely white and black four inch platform heels were the BOMB!!!


I admit I was a little nervous and reluctant to try on these shoes— I felt like the odds were against me: four inches, open toe, strappy and platform all in one- you have got to be kidding me!

But to my surprise the crafty workmanship of these shoes provide a snug custom fit that I would trade my entire shoe collection for.

In comparison to my other shoes, which are often paired with gel, my feet felt amazing and they were not begging for mercy.

I am hooked and now curious to see where I can get more of these crafty shoes. As I perused through the Jen +Kim website I began to feel like I was in heaven. Every shoe option was available for me to order. 

There were closed toe pumps, strappy shoe options, and the heel of the shoes ranged from wedges to stilettos. The best part about Jen+Kim is that there are NO Style and Size RESTRICTIONS!!!

What shoe company can provide you with those options? Her are a few of my favorites:

Jen+Kim Custom ShoesFrom left to right, clockwise:

  • The 1940
  • The Brunette
  • The Coco
  • The Tux
  • The Cece

What do you think? Are you as intrigued and excited as I am?

Visit their website for more information about custom shoes by Jen+Kim !

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Written by Marie Denee

I am the Editor in Chic of The Curvy Fashionista. Often goofy. Forever emo. Always a Virgo. You can find me somewhere grooving to 90s R&B.

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  1. Those black and whites ones would sure look good in MY closet. I’d say watch your back in the streets but I wear size 11 so it would be pointless to jack you!

    I always tell my clients it is important to try on the shoes too because some brands just run small–for instance 9West–I am a true size 11M, but I fit a 12M in every shoe I have ever purchased from there including flipflops…

  2. LOL Naja!!I wear a size 11 as well and yes you are so right about 9West shoes– I have to get a size 11 for their shoes and its frustrating — I dont have an issue with my shoe size I just want to make sure that the shoes they have on the racks will fit! My friends say I am crazy but I have developed a “shoe shopping technique”— when I go to a store (like DSW) I wear flip flops and I start from size 9 1/2 and I go all the way up to size 12— 9 times out of 10 I can fit a pair of shoes from each section!!! Crazy HUH!!!

  3. Those turquoise and black ones are AMAZING. I have slightly wide feet, so I get lazy about taking all of my shoes to the cobbler. It’d be awesome to get some that didn’t make the tootsies feel smushed…

      • Ashe,

        Hello, if you are interested visit our site. That will answer all your questions. Currently, all of our shoes are custom made to order. You can go online pick out a style and we will send you some options to choose from. Then once you decide 4-6 weeks later you have some glass slippers at your door. Please contact me if you have any other questions.

        [email protected] jenandkimshoes. com

  4. Dear Ashe– ohh nothing feels better like custom shoes— the way it works is they send you a device so that you can trace your feet. Once you send it back to them they will save your imprint and you can order just about any pair– which means no smushed feet!

    I noticed that they did not have specific pricing because the material costs vary. If you email them I am sure they can quote/arrange a price for you. But did you see that you can also have a “SHOE PARTY”!!!

  5. Hi girls! I’m Karen and rigth now I’m trying to embrace my curvy body, I felt depressed over years and years because I was a chubby girl, I wanna become a fashion designer and I know it migth be hard, I’m starting my own blog about fashion. Wish me luck! 🙂

    The link to my blog is: TOOFATFORFASHION.TK 🙂

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