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When I am Not Talking Fashion…

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There is more to life than clothes. This I know. Yeah, I am a fashion blogger. Yeah, I run a business. But there is way more to me than that! I thought I would share with you a bit more about me and what gets me ticking and that drives me- beyond the blog… when I am not talking fashion.

Asides from my mother thinking me some uber fashion person (she still talks about me switching her out of Kmart jeans- like I saved her life!), I am quite the laid back family person and more times than not, I am a homebody. While I busy myself with work and writing, making time for my family and for me has taken the front seat this year, and I am happier for this.

But when not talking fashion, what do I do?

For starters, I am a word nerd. You can embarrassingly catch me playing Words with Friends (MarieDenee) and Ruzzle. On Facebook, I fall prey to Candy Crush, Pet Rescue Saga, and various other puzzle and word games. Yeah, I know… I am THAT FB user…

Offline? I usually spend a day with my family. Especially with my niece Zoee (1) and my nephew Noah (3) whom you have probably caught a glimpse of if you follow me on Instagram… I am always snapping my boos on there! Like below:

ANDD this one!

With my mom and stepfather, sister and brother in law, we often get together to hang- watching movies, playing spades, Dance Revolution, or watching movies. I have found that this (our activities) vary on the age range of my niece and nephew…

Hecka smart, sassy, and such a source of strength!

Me and My Noah…
Marie Denee Not Talking FashionWhen I am at home, in my PJ’s, I usually have a fabulous glass of wine in hand. I do love my wine… but every blue moon, I dig some port. Have you tasted Port before? HOMIGOD. I escape into movies, but I do have my shows…

So You Think You Can Dance, Faceoff, True Blood, EVERYTHING on the ID Channel, Project Runway, The Newsroom, and Rizzoli and Isles fill my DVR while reruns of Charmed and Supernatural on TNT fill my mornings… and you can always catch me on twitter live tweeting these or at least sharing my thoughts!!!

I do love to read, but barely have the time to do so… On vacation, I killed two novels from Eric Jerome Dickey. In three days. 🙁 I am a fast reader… My love hate relationship with books…

Randomly I get out. RANDOM and Sparingly… I need to do this more and not just on vacation. BUT, in my line of work, I have gotten comfortable with being home. UGH. The last time I really partied? Ummm… I got pictures texted back to me, cause you see… I had a grand ol time.

I work hard and party harder… that is the way, right?

Marie Denee Not Talking Fashion

I remember back in college, I was always out and about. My how we grow up and life happens. BUT, you will still catch me on the dance floor- I LOVE TO DANCE.

But asides from work, I have quite the laid back life… nothing too exciting! LOL I suppose this is my way of kicking back from the hustle and bustle of work- yes?

I thought of this post when one of you fabulous readers hit me asking for more about me… I hear you boo and as it comes, I will most definitely do that!

What do you do to escape? When you are not shopping for clothes, where else does your money go to? Do you believe in work life balance? Have you perfected it? I have questions for YOU now!

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Written by Marie Denee

I am the Editor in Chic of The Curvy Fashionista. Often goofy. Forever emo. Always a Virgo. You can find me somewhere grooving to 90s R&B.

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