What is Beauty and is it Worth the Cost: CHASING BEAUTY

Chasing Beauty Documentary


Something that the media portrays to us as unattainable, inspirational, and fleeting.  But if you knew what went into these campaigns, the manipulation of the shoots, and the dark side of modeling that gives us these images to make us feel any kind of way, would you look at the ad, campaign, or model the same way? Would it affect YOU and your ideal of beauty the same?


Chasing Beauty Documentary

Enter in Chasing Beauty.

It was brought to my attention, that this new documentary takes us behind the lens, into the world often never shared, and behind the scenes of modeling. The documentary features interviews with supermodels, photographers, agents, designers, plastic surgeons, make-up artists and psychologists and begs the question:

“…what is beauty and is it worth the cost?”

Chasing beauty is a collection of intertwined stories about models pursuits of success in the fashion and beauty business and the collateral damage that sometimes occurs.  The modeling world can be both treacherous and rewarding.  For many who are willing to pursue this glamorous business, there is a significant price to pay.                    

The messages and truths shared in this documentary are intriguing, especially watching as a plus size woman.  To catch a glimpse into the dark side of the intriguing and complex world of modeling,” I think would help those who battle with feeling “not pretty/skinny enough” to have a renewed or different outlook on the ideal and personal costs of beauty.

Chasing Beauty Documentary

We hear how media distorts the image of beauty through photoshop, but what about the beauty industry as a whole? As Chasing Beauty shares, the beauty industry is a billion dollar business, pushing its ideals and images of beauty everywhere. 

For this industry, the benchmark for beauty is The Model.  Admired by the masses and gracing the covers of magazines.  

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However, what goes into the making of this cover AND if you knew, would you be as hard pressed to attain a manufactured standard of beauty?

Before you answer this, catch a peek at the Chasing Beauty Trailer:

CHASING BEAUTY examines body image and the psychological effects of the beauty business on young women and men.  The film examines “what it takes to be a top model – the demanding and oftentimes-unattainable physical requirements of the position, the financial and emotional investment, and the moral negotiations that are sometimes prerequisites for making it.”

As someone who advocates for a positive body image and confidence, I feel that when you know better, you do better and that this documentary will be one to help you do so!  You can learn more about Chasing Beauty here, follow the conversation on Twitter and on Facebook too!

But I want to know: Are you intrigued, curious, or indifferent?  What is Beauty to YOU and is it worth the cost?

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