What does Androgyny in Plus Size Fashion Mean to You? Part II


What does androgyny in Plus Size Fashion mean to you? Our interviewees give candid advice, and reflect on how clothing influences their gender and gender presentation at the intersection of gender-non-conformity and fat fashion.

Liz (they/them): How has being plus size, and trans or nonbinary, impacted how you express your gender in clothing?

Ollie (they/them): “My gender and my body size are inexplicably intertwined. I sometimes struggle with feeling less androgynous than I would like.

Lori (they/them): “When I came out as nonbinary it was freeing to feel like I didn’t need to accentuate my curves, or for example, I used to try and conceal how broad my shoulders are. It was a relief to not feel like I had to be cute and feminine.

Liz: What does androgyny in fat fashion look like to you?

Lori: “Imagining fat fashion and androgyny is hard because it doesn’t really exist. Thin fashion examples come to mind but fat fashion is harder. Clothing doesn’t have a gender, it really shouldn’t.

Androgyny inherently defaults to masculinity because we live in a patriarchal society. Masculinity is viewed as more acceptable, more tolerable, and is, therefore, more accessible.

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