Update Your Self Care Routine and Decrease Your Stress With These 6 Easy Tips!

We wanted to give you a list of self care routine goals that you can get inspiration from!

1. Express your  creative side!

6 Things To Add To Your Self Care Routine

Carve out some time to create some art!

This will come in handy for those more challenging days when you need the reminder!

2. Write in a  gratitude journal.

3. Allow yourself to unplug from the world

Permit yourself to be more in tune with your body.

4. Get Ample Sleep

A good night’s sleep is truly is the cornerstone to decreasing stress and practicing good self care.

Supportive family and friends can help you cope with stress!

5. Make time to connect with friends and family

By thinking of cleaning as morally neutral, you remove any guilt you feel for being too tired to have a spotless home

6. Give yourself grace when decluttering your space!