Summertime Fine:  6 Skincare Essentials You Should Try

Whether you live in a dry or humid climate, your skin still needs some TLC in the summer.  From serums to body oils, we’re giving you six skincare essentials you should try to keep you summertime fine.

Facial mists are a great way for your skin to feel refreshed and hydrated throughout the day. I love the Supercharge Revitalizing Facial mist by Milani. Not only is this spritz affordable, but it also has great ingredients like ginseng and aloe that protect and refresh.

Facial Mist 

It’s hot and humid and the last thing we want is excess oil and dirt clogging our pores.  A good clarifying cleanser removes dirt, oil and makeup without stripping it and leaving it dry. 

Clarifying Cleansers

Vitamin C serums are the secret weapon to any skincare routine. They have targeted ingredients to treat a variety of skincare concerns such as dull texture and dark spots. Serums also act as a bridge between your cleanser and moisturizer.

Vitamin C Serum 

Body oils in the summer months are a great alternative to heavy creams and lotions. They’re hydrating and when applied to damp skin, give you the softness without leaving you greasy.


Dry Body Oil

Soft and exfoliated skin is always in season. Body scrubs are a great way to get some exfoliating in while you bathe. Scrubs have fine granules and added oils that slough away dead skin leaving you soft and moisturized.

Dry Body Oil

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