On Styling a Stomach: To Tuck Or Not To Tuck

Women have been lied to all their lives. Wear dark colors and you’ll look slimmer. Horizontal stripes make you look wider. Bootcut pants will balance big shoulders and make you look more proportional. Untucked tops will balance a short torso and will also hide a round belly.

For the 2019 Oscars, she wore a sparkly blue gown by Christian Siriano. This is a traditionally “flattering” fit, and flare silhouette paired with off-the-shoulder detail creates an hourglass effect. The column of color keeps the eye moving, and the sleeves drape to strategically hide the widest part of a woman’s upper arm.

Octavia, like many of us, finds a silhouette she feels good in and sticks to it. She wears the fit and flare silhouette in various lengths for both red carpet and more casual events, especially when she knows she will have to sit down at some point.

Spencer has a few silhouettes she repeatedly wears that tick off the style rule boxes for figure flattery. A peplum top with a knee-length straight skirt or cigarette pants creates an hourglass shape and camouflages the stomach.

Breaking the style uniform: Spencer in a buttoned-up suit, breaking the “column of color”, and wearing a tucked in top with a full skirt.

I challenge those of you who don’t tuck in tops to try it this month and see how it feels.

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