E!’s Nina Parker on Finding the Fit With Her Plus-Size Macy’s Collab

When E! Nightly Pop Host, Nina Parker, started running out of options for her on-air wardrobe, she took the matter into her own hands. After designing her dresses for the 2020 Academy Awards, and this year’s Golden Globes, it was no surprise when we learned about Parker’s line with national retailer Macy’s, which drops TODAY! 

Even at my smallest [clothing size], I was a size 12, so I have always been in curvy and plus-size fashion. It was something I have had to navigate my whole life where I felt like, “why do I always have to adjust? Why do I have to try and find a place where I fit in?”

Where did the spark for your fashion line come from?

This marks the first time in the company’s 163-year history that they have partnered with a plus-size Black woman to produce a line of clothing in-house.

We caught up with Parker ahead of today’s launch to discuss her foray into fashion design and championing affordable, cute, and fun fashion for plus-size women.

For me, to try and find something cute every day [it’s hard], I’ll film Monday and feel great, but look at my options for Tuesday, and I will be disappointed. They’re [fashion companies] just making the same thing over and over again, so we have to scour the internet for options

It was most important for me to have versatility. We’re coming out of this pandemic, and people are starting to do things again, but I also know not everyone is ready to jump into wearing heels. So, I wanted to have outfits that you could wear with flat sandals, sneakers, and heels.

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