How to Determine Quality in Plus Size Fashion

In plus size fashion, this ideal of quality, investing, and paying more for clothing seems to be a highly sensitive and hot topic that polarizes some and enlightens others.

I am a fabric snob. Hands down. My skin is also sensitive to fabrics, so I often lean towards the natural fabrics, which tend to cost more, and for me that is okay.

In reference to the zippers, buttons, clasps, these minute details are often the first visual details that give your garment personality.

Lining gives your clothes the ability to graze your curves without showing every nook and cranny.

To test its quality, pull the garment taught at the seams to see gauge its tension and relief it will give.

What is even better with quality items, should something happen to a garment, unlike fast fashion pieces, you are more apt to be able to fix, exchange, or repair your garment at your place of purchase if defected.

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