Woke Up Like This: A Summertime Guide to No Makeup Makeup In 6 Easy Steps

Now that we’re readjusting to the new normal, our makeup is making an appearance again but in a different way.  The no makeup makeup look remains on-trend for summer, it’s an easy way to look pulled together, and everyone can wear it.

Here are some tips and products that we’ve gathered to help you achieve the no makeup makeup look this summer.

Don’t Skip On Your Skincare

Healthy and hydrated skin is the key to wearing any makeup look.   No matter how much or how little makeup you are wearing, the makeup will not look right if your skin is not cleaned and prepped.

Skip the Foundation, Correct and  Conceal Instead

For the no makeup makeup looks, foundation takes a back seat. Concealer is the secret key to these looks because they are more concentrated on the areas where you need coverage.

Tinted Moisturizers or Skin Tints

Many people who wear bras are connected to a specific cup size that they’ve visualized in their mind as ‘just enough’ for their body and simply stayed within that range. In reality, cup sizes are proportionate to the band size they’re connected to.

Cream Blush

Cream blush is great for giving the skin instant color and glow. Why is this great for the no makeup makeup look?  Well, unlike powder blush sits on top of the skin, a cream blends out and adheres to the skin for a more natural flush of color.

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