Find Your New Calm with these 6 Must Try CBD Products

What are you doing to keep your mind right, nowadays? CBD products seem to be all the rage these days when it comes to self care. The therapeutic and medicinal purposes of CBD have long been known by healthcare practitioners and it seems like the rest of the world is catching up. Today, I am sharing 5 CBD products with you that will allow you to try it out in a way, that does not include the THC. But you’ll have all the calming benefits to keep your mind right…

Subtle Tea - Peace. Love. Cannabis. | Cannabis Infused Wellness

Subtle Tea is one of many CBD products that VCC Brand offers. This keto and vegan friendly formula of tea is designed to interact with the body in a powerful but natural healing way. 

Mondo CBD Powder

Mondo CBD Powder is a vegan friendly, gluten free, and artificial coloring/ingredient free formula crafted with all organically grown hemp and natural non- GMO ingredients. 

Camellia Rose CBD Face Cream 

Topical application of CBD products is something I've personally enjoyed! How bomb is it that now you can include it in your skincare regiment? Camellia Rose CBD Face Cream is delivering us anti aging, moisturizing, free radical damage protection. 

22 Red - Red Vape Pen

22 Red is a brand that offers a vape pen that uses CBD oil derived from the cannabis sativa plant. It provides all the feelings of relaxation and calm without needing to worry about consuming THC which causes the high in marijuana consumption.

Sugar & Kush - CBD Oil Drops

Now this is a product I have personally tried! Sugar & Kush puts a fun and flavorful spin on CBD products. While they offer gummies, cookies and bath bombs; my favorite is the oil. The oil comes in several flavors and can be taken directly under the tongue or placed in your favorite beverage (it was the coffee for me!). 

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