Decoding The Style:  The Cottagecore Aesthetic

The Cottagecore trend has been taking the social media world by storm. Floral patterns, smocked tops, pastels, and earth tones are signature aspects of the style.  Named after the idea of dressing as if you had moved to a cottage in the woods, it emulates nature and a sense of calm. It’s the perfect look for this record hot summer.

Here’s How You Can Try Out The Cottagecore Aesthetic

The keys to getting the look right are soft colors and flowy lines.  Pair a maxi skirt with a cropped sweater or loose tank top and some chunky heels like on the left. Or take a floral dress and add a wicker handbag as shown on the right.

Take this two piece set from Forever 21 or the Selkie Collection’s trademark puff dress in the print citrus trip.  The emphasis on dresses and skirts makes it easy to pull together full outfits with little effort.

If your life dream is to run away to the woods, picking berries and fresh flowers, this is the most definitely the style for you.

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