Academia Style: What You Need to Know

For a generation raised on Harry Potter and Gossip Girl, the iconic looks of button-downs and blazers have formed into their own distinct style that has affectionately been named “Academia Style"  Grounded in neutral tones and thicker fabrics, there is a certain intensity that really draws people to the look.

“Light Academia” vs “Dark Academia”

The Difference between “Light Academia” and “Dark Academia” stems mainly from the color palettes. 

The core articles of an Academia wardrobe

The core of an Academia wardrobe is just 6 items: blazers, neutral sweaters, button-downs, structured skirts, and non-denim pants.

The traditional A neutral top tucked into either a skirt or nice pants. Accessorized with simple jewelry and a nude or black heel.

Different Approaches to the Academia style

Where to buy Academia Pieces

While this style immediately makes you think of high-end pieces and large price tags, there are some great tricks to do it on a budget.

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