Body Positive Art: Babes And Botanicals Artist, Polly Robinson


The illustrations are described as “botanical portraits of babes living their best lives” as a way to “celebrate marginalized bodies.”

Why the concept, ‘Babes and Botanicals?’

I thought I kind of want to use my images from my life drawing classes to make artwork out of using my lino printing. I also love plants.

Sticking with the linear minimalist design or expanding

I think I’m going to stick with lino printing. I want to explore a bit with the style, but also different colors, different papers because it starts out quite basic

Would you say you’re professionally taught and then self-taught? 

So the life drawing classes that I was taking, they weren’t directed to necessarily improve your drawing.

What would you say body positivity means to you? 

I think this is a bit of a difficult one at the moment especially on social media. There’s a lot of people who I think are in smaller sizes that have been trying to claim the body positive.

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