8 Brands to Shop for Gender Neutral Plus Size Clothing

As feminine leaning plus size clothing options have continued to increase tenfold, clothing that is more masculine in style but accommodates for a larger body is still hard to find.

Looking for plus size friendly gender neutral clothing?

In this story, you'll find a list (and growing) community of genderfluid and neutral clothing designers creating clothes for fat and plus-size bodies.

DapperBoi is a queer-owned brand dedicated to creating masculine-of-center clothing options for folks of all genders including shirts, joggers, jeans, and button-ups to name a few!


"The fear, oppression, and sheer frustration that comes along with having a fierce sense of style and living in a society stuck in out-dated mindsets where women should embrace feminine “appropriateness” is what keeps HauteButch thriving even on our darkest days.

Haute Butch

"To us this is something much more than a button-down. It's about creating something authentic that makes people feel the same way on the outside as they do on the inside."

Pea de Loup

We all know what it’s like to search for clothing.  In the retail landscape, we’re often forced to make compromises that make us feel uncomfortable with our clothing and too often ourselves. We welcome our clients to the custom landscape where suits are more than clothing; they’re an accurate expression of who we are.

Bindle & Keep

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