5 Plus Size Denim Brands to Play in for Fall

If there is one thing I used to constantly struggle with, it was finding the perfect pair of jeans. And I know that I am not alone!

When it comes to fashion, tracking down the prefect pair jeans that hug your curves just right can make the shopping experience… well, kind of hellish.

I wanted to share with you five plus size denim brands to play in for fall- not to be confused with the plus size retailers who sell denim!

With equal parts passion and artisanal heritage borne out of noblesse veritas, every James Jeans is made to find the true fit of chic, comfort and confidence.

PZI Jeans has made a discovery…CURVES come in all shapes and sizes! Why did it take so long for someone to finally realize that?

Over the past two decades, Silver Jeans Co.™ has become known as the must-have brand for those who demand a perfect fit from their jeans.

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