It’s About The FIT: Debunking 5 Common Bra Myths and Misconceptions!

Throughout the years I’ve heard a few bra myths and have seen multiple misconceptions about the function of bras, bra structure, and all around fit issues that someone like me gets the chance to educate and change minds. Unfortunately, those myths and misconceptions are ever pervasive, so I’m here to give people the rundown on what the heck is going on with their brassiers.

5 Common  Bra Myths and Misconceptions To Know!

Misconception 1: Underwire bras for large breasts are uncomfortable and ugly

This is the one misconception I hear almost hourly while fitting people. But fear not! There are dozens of full bust brands from around the globe that are absolutely gorgeous!

Misconception 2:  Age limit on underwire/mesh bras

An underwire is no more age restrictive than any other regularly worn piece of clothing. The key to it all is simply having the correct size and fit for their body.

Misconception 3: Cup sizes are the same across band sizes

Many people who wear bras are connected to a specific cup size that they’ve visualized in their mind as ‘just enough’ for their body and simply stayed within that range. In reality, cup sizes are proportionate to the band size they’re connected to.

Misconception 4: Larger cup sizes aren’t ‘normal’ sizes

Even with the advances of the internet, many larger busted individuals are hard pressed to find their sizing. That being said, the H, J and even M cups you hear about are actual sizes on actual bodies. These sizes are not strange nor are they uncommon.

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