10 Stunning Wedding Looks and Inspiration That Go Beyond the Binary

There are very few options ready-made or off-the-rack available for purchase for gender diverse plus size folks. Many items have to be designed custom, including time for alterations, and require months of advance notice.

Wedding Dress Options for Every Body

Their designs offer a wide range of color and material options, all fully customizable allowing you to curate a perfectly unique look for your wedding day!

The Perfect Wedding Suit

Navigating the wedding industry and its unnecessary gender norms is an already exhausting experience, but for gender diverse folks, finding the perfect look for the wedding day can involve some trial and error.

Custom Wedding Jumpsuits

A jumpsuit is a great alternative for folks who might not enjoy the aesthetics of a suit but aren’t committed to wearing a skirt or dress for their wedding day.

Custom Wedding Jumpsuits

The clothing brand is dedicated to creating clothes with all bodies in mind, they offer customized sizing up to 15x, and this jumpsuit’s train is removable!

Wedding Flower Arrangements

Natural, extravagant bouquets are all the rage in the wedding industry today, but some folks may be looking for unique ways to incorporate flowers

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