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Need plus size hosiery? We Love Colors Loves Your Plus Size Curves Too!

Need plus size hosiery? We Love Colors Loves Your Plus Size Curves Too!

I know we are the beginning of Summer, but some of us are in cities where we either hardly ever have a summer, or experience more cold nights than warm. Living in the Bay Area, it stays chilly, with occasional spurts of warm sunny days.

With that, I keep a nice amount of tights, hosiery, and leggings, just in case. With that, I have had my fair share of Spanx, Assets, and even some DKNY tights! What I was able to get my hands on were some fabulous plus size hosiery from We Love Colors.

Plus Size Hosiery Made Fun with We Love Colors!

I had to get me a pair of sexy fishnets; a girl always needs a good pair on reserve! What is fabulous about these tights is that they do not cut off the circulation, do not rub the thighs in the wrong way, nor do they cost an arm and a leg!


In addition to these, I also grabbed me a pair of the new plus size footless tights! These tights are so soft and comfortable! Now, I got them in a dark green, waiting for the fall, but how fun is a little color in your life!

With over 45 colors in their arsenal, and more being added constantly, We Love Colors delivers on both fit and fashion! Seriously! Their plus size line goes up to EE, or the luscious 375-pound divas!

These are my favorites below, clicking on the link will take you directly to their site. If you are overseas, no worries! They ship internationally!

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Do you already have a pair of their tights?

Shop the collection at

Show off your pictures in We Love Colors, and you can get a free gift! Your picture may even end up on the We Love Colors Friends Blog.

Keep it Curvy.Confident.Chic.

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