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Up Close and Personal: An Interview with Miss Anna Scholz-

Up Close and Personal: An Interview with Miss Anna Scholz-

Anna Scholz, Plus size fashionHow sweet a moment it is when you have the chance to peer inside the mind of a fashion designer who so effortlessly and beautifully raises and sets the bar for Plus Size “High Fashion,” a word long thought non- existent. Well, my Plus Size Fashionistas, it does exist and I am so (actually jumping up and down) thrilled to introduce to some and share with most, my interview with the uuber talented (had to throw that in there) Anna Scholz!

Now, this morning I felt like a complete hot mess! Since Anna is in England, time zones had to be taken into effect. When word came back to us that she could do her interview at 11 am, we thought OUR time! (Because it would be 3am here- right?) But what a gem both Anna and her staff were in accommodating us to interview her at 8 am our time!

Still in my “Petticoat” as Anna concluded from the time zones, we shared laughs about our starting time. She is so sassy, positive, encouraging, and driven! For Anna is still evolving (something I will share throughout the interview).

Anna Scholz, Plus size fashion

I must share that I was a huge fan before this interview, but now, I am a HUGE fan who now holds the utmost respect for her as I learned about her journey through fashion. So, please read on as I bring you the Curvy.Confident.Chic. Plus Size designer of 13 years, Anna Scholz:

An Interview with Miss Anna Scholz:

Miss Anna, how did you get started in and what inspired you to enter Fashion Design?

Well, at the age of 13, I was 6ft tall, in a size 12, could not find anything to wear, so I began making clothes that fit me. What was out there was outrageous, I had to do it, and people loved my clothes.
After learning to sew in school and through classes, I went on to get my fashion degree. After I graduated, I made some pieces and it was snatched up by Lane Bryant, testing her line in their 10 best stores. This gave me capital to set up my own line and it has built slowly since then. Now I am growing organically.

Wait, so how long have you been designing?

Inspired at 13, designing at 17, took some classes, and have had great teachers.

Okay, you knew your calling then, so can you tell me who or what was your biggest fashion inspiration?
anna scholz, plus size fashion

I always wanted to find exciting clothes in my own way. Beautiful prints and fabrics, vintage things, the Portabello Market. London is such a melting pot, with such an opportunity for inspiration. Vintage prints! I have always had a love for it. Even at the age of 2, I was creative and inspired! More on Anna’s inspirations can be found here!

Could you enlighten me? Were you ever a Plus Size model?

Yes, for about 7 years. I was at a party dancing when I was discovered. Did a couple of jobs in Germany, moved to London, and I immediately loved the city.

{London is} The cultural melting pot. Free and funky and great. I always enjoyed people watching, and I immediately felt like I belonged here.

You know, I love your editorials! They are so refreshing, what led you to do the full- frontal fashion spreads? We have not seen many editorials like this from any other Plus Size Fashion Designer.
plus size, Anna Scholz

We’re a fashion label. We are no different, I don’t know why people take such ugly shots, we are a fashion label- were in the business of fashion. Big women are not an alien species.

(I giggle and then laugh hysterically!)

Okay, okay, Miss Anna, so how do you feel about the Plus Size fashion industry right now?

Improving a lot, moving, I think the economy has forced people to look here (at the Plus Size industry). I see it in waves. New business opportunities. Right now we are in Niemans and Saks and we are doing really well.

What do you feel has changed in the industry?

The buyers. When I started, they thought I was too ahead of the times. Old frumpy and unfashionable? It’s time for a change. I had to work with Harrods, and I got a great response. The biggest obstacles within the industry were the buyers.

You know, I noticed this season that you now have a Black Label and A White label.What is the difference between your White and Black Labels?

The Black label is a lot younger, reasonably priced and younger, while the White label is my premium line- with special fabrics and embroidery.

I noticed that you sell lingerie through Simply Yours, will you launch your own line through Anna Scholz?

I used to, but not at the moment. I don’t know, I would do accessories before lingerie. Like jewelry, and belts.

Okay, with that, tell me, what is the one piece that you personally can not live without?
Anna Scholz, plus size

I love my silk wrap dresses. I absolutely love bright colors!
But do you have one guilty pleasure?

I am absolutely addicted to jewels: colored stones, rubies, all in the pink, red, and orange family. I am a huge fan of Fragments- the store.

So while we are talking about guilty pleasures, let’s talk about your line and your clients! Which client has been a surprisingly pleasant addition to your client list?

You know, I am quite happy about all of them! Beth Ditto, Queen Latifah, Catherine Manheim…

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Okay, so then tell me, what event or who would you love to create a custom Anna Scholz piece for?

Of course, the Oscars! But, I would love to design a dress for Selma Hayek. She is so voluptuous! And maybe The Queen! She definitely needs a makeover! (We are laughing hard!)

(Regaining my composure)

So, What is next for you, Miss Anna Scholz?

A brick and mortar store. We have done quite a lot with new office and a new website, all within the last six months. Next, I want to have a physical store.

Miss Anna, what message can you share with all Plus Size Fashionistas in regards to style and confidence?

To not get stuck in a rut and experiment. Get out of your closed mindset, have fun with clothes, and see what suits your body… I had a client come in once who never wore pants, she swore them off. I got her in the dressing room with a pair of trousers, and she was almost in tears!

You need to be open minded, try new colors, different body shapes, see what suits you best and what underlines your best feature.

I had the best time chatting with Miss Anna! She was so funny and sassy, and overall she kept it real. I appreciate her for that! I complimented her on her openness with me. Flattered that she recognized my blog! You must check out her TOP TEN Favorites from her collection!

If you want to check out Anna Scholz’s current and past collections, you can do so here. You can shop from her site if you are overseas, but if you are in the US, we have Niemans, Saks, and many small boutiques!

While my readers get this interview as a sneak peak, you can read this story and more in the new Plus Size Magazine, Gemini- available April 17th!

I had so much fun! What do you think? Did you learn something new? Please share you thoughts with me!

Keep it Curvy!

The Curvy Fashionista


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  • I absolutely love Anna Scholz. I am a longtime fan of hers. I remember her from back in the day when she was starting out in Portobello Green. I have some of her pieces in my wardrobe and I have to say her cut and fit are absolutely divine. I share the same passion for colour. I am loving her new collection…

  • *applause*

    Marie, this was an awesome interview! Miss Scholz is so talented and I love her designs. It was indeed a treat to get into the mind of such a fiercely talented woman.

    Love it, Sis! Keep doing your thing 🙂

  • I never heard of Anna Scholz before today. This was a great interview…very informative. I checked out her website and she her clothes look great. She is definitely one I will keep in mind when looking for something beautiful to wear!

  • that was an awesome interview. It was nice to read the real words instead of a bunch of canned responses. I will definitely be adding Anna to the list of websites I promote.

  • You go sista that was a great interview. What impresses me the most was the casual tone instead of the list of canned responses I see a lot. Congratulations on landing such a great interview!

  • I was so happy to read your interview of Anna Scholz, who is a true heroine of plus-size fashion.

    I believe she has really helped to advance the cause of larger women by showing, season after season, that we can wear beautiful, fashion-forward clothing…..

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