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So, I Have a Thing for Nail Polish Stickers…

So, I Have a Thing for Nail Polish Stickers…

My Favorite Nail Polish Stickers

Sally Hansen. Jamberry. Incoco. Dashing Diva. Nail Bliss. Nail Rock. Maybelline. Ciate. Minx. I have tried all (or most) of these above. If you follow me on Instagram, then you see my mini obsession! Some I enjoyed. Some were a complete flop on my nails. Some nail polish stickers looked better on the package and some were even more fabulous in real life.

But before I get to which ones are my favorite, I must talk about the WHY.

One- I am a procrastinator.

A professional one at that. If I have to go somewhere, I barely allocate time for myself to go to the shop.

Because I cannot JUST get my nails done. I need a massage, pedicure, fancy designs… and about $100 later and maybe two hours of my life, that can be too much.

Well, at least for me it is.

Besides, all I may have wanted was a polish change.

Two- My moods change. And I may not always feel like gold French tips or green snakeskin nails.

The beauty of these nail polish stickers is that I can change them to my mood. I LOVE this flexibility in the safe space of my home!

Lastly, it is fun. I like feeling like I did something fancy and special.

Quickly I dance over to Instagram to snap my nails and be on my merry little way of a day! Woot!

So, let me tell you about my favorite Nail Polish Stickers:


My Favorite Nail Polish Stickers

Sally Hansen Salon Effects: So, um. I love and live for the new designs and the fact that they last for EONS on the toes too!?!?! The new French tips made my life! I am dying to try the black tips after playing in the gold!

Incoco (like the grandmother of nail polish strips!) they have had a hand in quite a few brand’s strips!

Maybelline: To get texture that is EASY to apply and wear? SCORE. I LOVED my emerald green snakeskin textured nail polish strips. I was indeed pleasantly surprised!

Jamberry: I have JUST started playing with this one and I LIKE. The application requires a lamp or blow dryer, but I made it work! LOVING THIS! (Currently wearing them now)

Nail Bliss: I surprisingly really liked these. I do wish they could have lasted longer, but they were really nice. Especially for having a 3D texture on them, application was easy and the look was nice. No extra fuss here.

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I have Yet to Try:

Nail Rock: This UK brand sold at Wal-Mart looks quite amazing and I have a pattern to try. I am thinking I will try these next since they are staring me in the face! Fingers crossed.

Ciate: I want to too. They look soooo amazing and fun! I will get to these ones! Shortly!

Not my favorites:

Dashing Diva: I really wanted to love them because they had really cool 3D effects. But when it came to file them to your nail shape? No dice. Trying to file through rocks/stones did not work and then the edges were jagged. ALSO, these do not last on my nails. I even tried to give it a second go and took them to the salon to get done- for the two week application. I think I lasted MAYBE three days and then I snatched them babies off.

Minx: I am not sure if this was because of the application, the person who did them, or if my nails just did not like them, but my MINX only lasted about three days before they started lifting and coming up. AND I got them done in a fancy salon. I am sad because I really loved the style and the look! I am not sure if I would try again.


Do you get down with nail polish strips? Why do you use them? Do you have favorites? Have you snapped your nails?

Tag me on Instagram (@mariedenee) so I can see too!

Which Nail Polish Strips are your favorite? Which ones are not? I want to know!

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  • These look so appealing to me but the filing off the edges parts intimidates me. I’m worried I’ll do it wrong and it will look janky b/c I’m a total novice in the beauty department :-/

  • You don’t have Kiss nail sticker reviewed. I love love love them, I have worn them on my toes for up to a full month! Plus I have caught $1-3 coupons and dollar general in CA now carries $3 nail stickers sans the file. My wallet is rejoicing but honestly my nails are thankful. No more abrasive chemicals, easy to apply and easy to find and buy.

    i’v bought one to two sets of nail sticker a week this year…tried everything I came across even chinese and european brands. When men at work ask how long my nails take, I’m happy. My hubby laughs as I do my nails on the way to church as he drives us- 10 minutes bam I’m a fresh new mom ready for a new week! I’m totally eager to get Halloween nail gaga, hunting glow in the dark bats and corsets….never again with simple polishes!

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