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Gotta Have It: The City Chic Daria Lingerie Set

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Valentine’s Day is around the corner and if you are anything like me, who is also a fan of sexy lingerie during Valentine’s (or any other time during the year), then we are in for goodies!

City Chic Daria-Lingerie-Set

Today’s Gotta Have It comes to us from City Chic and once I laid my eyes on this, boooyyyyy I started imaging all kinds of fabulous situations. One thing I have to give it to City Chic is their imagery. They always rock out with an amazing model, the fits have always been true for me, and it is always cool to have something in the closet not many others do! Woot!

So, when I saw this three piece number, I JUST knew I had to share it with you. Not only because the model is hella sexy, each item is on sale and looks divine! I mean, for under $75.00 this collection is complete and YOURS!

City Chic Daria Lingerie Set

City Chic Daria-Lingerie-Set

Are you one to dress up, for whatever, whenever, or wherever? You know, you may be buttoned up and professional on the outside, but underneath it all, there is a sultry party going on? Mhhmmmm. Nothing feels better than feeling amazing in what you are wearing underneath. Kind of like your little naughty secret!

You can get your set at City Chic and score the bra here, the brief here, and the suspender skirt here!

Would you rock this sassy number? For Valentine’s Day and beyond? If not in red, black? Sound off let me know!

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Written by Marie Denee

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