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My Style: Stepping Out in my Plus Size Bikinis

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Six days.

No internet.

No phone.

The Bahamas.

The Beach.


This has been long overdue. I have needed a vacay (a real one) for over seven years. SEVEN YEARS it has been since I took a proper vacation, escaping the day’s hustle and bustle to properly unplug and relax.

Especially for the past five years, I have been afraid, lacked the resources, and have been grinding too hard to give myself the chance to step away… and boy how wrong and silly have I been! Vacations on each year (I have a post reflecting on this shortly!) You know they say, Work Hard, Play HARDER. I need to get this into my head… I think this vacation taught me this for reals.

ANYWHO… What I rocked.

A bikini almost every day.

Thanks to some fabulous folks who read I was leaving on vacay, sent me over a few suits to play in the sun with. My best accessory that went along with my swimsuits? SUNSCREEN. MMHMMM. Sistergirl got a great tan. A GREAT ONE.

So here is what I rocked:

My Plus Size Bikinis

Bikini Number One: Hot Pink Skirted Bikini from Becca Etc

Marie Denee on Vacation Plus Size Bikini Style

I had to have a skirt. I do not like showing my crotch area (I know) BUT I wanted to rock a bikini, so this number did the trick amazingly! AND the fact that I got CLEVAGE in my bikini top? I LOVE THIS. This bathing suit crisscross ties in the back, adjusting to MY desired level of support that I love! I rocked this one TWICE.

Marie Denee on Vacation Plus Size Bikini Style

Bikini Number Two: Sorella Swim Royal Blue Bikini with Skirt

Marie Denee on Vacation Plus Size Bikini Style

Royal Blue (basically any shade of blue) is my favorite color. Again, staying and sticking to my love of the skirts and shorts in swim, I chose this skirted option that was both sophisticated and sassy (or at least I felt this way). This suit? Felt amazing. Again, this one had a traditional bra feel, with an adjustable band in the back and straps. Which for me, I loved. Swimming with the fishes was grand in this one.

Marie Denee on Vacation Plus Size Bikini Style


Bikini Number Three: Becca Etc Teal Corset Skirted Bikini


THIS ONE? My Favorite. I have been dreaming and lusting for this suit since I saw this in December in New York. I love the color, texture, and the lace up back that allowed a tailored level of support and style! Love this! And add to the fact of this being a TEAL AND Skirted option? WOOT. I really loved this suit and have to rock this again sometime this summer. I have to.

Marie Denee on Vacation Plus Size Bikini Style

These are my three suits I had the pleasure of playing in this vacation!

Which one did you like the most?

Marie Denee on Vacation Plus Size Bikini Style

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Did you rock out in a bikini  this summer? If so, if you are on Instagram, hashtag #TCFStyle and I will regram and share! 😀

When was the last time you played in one? If you haven’t, why not? If you have, which ones did you play in? Sound off and let us know!

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Written by Marie Denee

I am the Editor in Chic of The Curvy Fashionista. Often goofy. Forever emo. Always a Virgo. You can find me somewhere grooving to 90s R&B.

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