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My Style: Meetings and Drinks In My Addition Elle Seamed Dress

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This is a part of a sponsored series with Addition Elle- thoughts are my own!

We all have those moments where life needs us to dress up a bit more than our everyday maxi dress life calls for. Sometimes, I need to be in a dress that will take me from meetings to drinks- in a hue that leaves an impression! Such was the case in this Addition Elle Pink Seamed Dress that I rocked this week! I had to share it with you and tell you why I loved it.

TARA Lynn for Addition Elle Fall 2014

First, I saw this dress on Tara Lynn in the fall 2014 Addition Elle Look Book and knew that this hue of pink, the seamed detail, and the silhouette would rock out on me. I find that I am garnering quite an array of bold pink dresses. I am here for this. I am okay with this. I knew that this would be one of THOSE dresses that I would be mixing and matching with different shoes, accessories, and styling to create whichever look my life called for- we all need a dress or two like this!

SO let me break this dress down a bit, cause I need you to understand how fun and in love I am with it. First off, the fabric? Not quite scuba, a different blend of a ponte knit, this dress felt good. The weight, in 90+ degree weather, actually did not have me sweating bullets in my car. IMPRESSED. LOL.

Maybe this is why I err on the side of maxi dress, but this dress could WORK. Like even when I felt myself getting warm, the dress didn’t constrict, restrict, or become cumbersome in wear. I was quite happy about this- and surprised- given the weight of the fabric.


Meetings and Drinks In My Addition Elle Seamed Dress

Marie Denee in Addition Elle Pink Seamed Dress

I did try to belt it. My waist line and the seams? It did not work well on or for me. FOR ME. Actually, I found that the clean lines worked better for me in this situation. I would play it up with accessories and the shoes. I don’t think I could stop going on and on about the fabrication of this dress.

I loved the seaming, the lines and how it played up the girls. HEYYY BOO. It was the perfect length for me to feel like a lady and professional in and flirty enough for me to feel all like my normal playful self (when I want to be).


Marie Denee in Addition Elle Pink Seamed Dress

I realized that I didn’t really care for the shoe I rocked, and would rather have opted for a pointed-toe pump, but I went with black cause I was playing around. I also rocked out in my new handbag I lucked up on! Layering up the rings, bracelets, and earrings, I was set to go!

Marie Denee in Addition Elle Pink Seamed Dress

You can scoop up this dress at!

From Ontario to Los Angeles to Moreno Valley to Riverside, my dress handled all of my errands and needs for the day! WOOT!

What do you think of my look? How would you rock this dress? Is this a hue for you? I want to know!

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Written by Marie Denee

I am the Editor in Chic of The Curvy Fashionista. Often goofy. Forever emo. Always a Virgo. You can find me somewhere grooving to 90s R&B.

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  1. love it so much. Now i do have to get it ! lol very rare i like a dress like this but its fab on you and i wear that type of look. love your accessories. and how cool is this store? i love shopping online there.

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