Singing in the Rain with Shuella

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I have never owned a pair of rain boots. Frankly, most of the time when its raining, I stay home indoors and safe from the crazies who do not know how to drive.

However there are those who do not drive, live in cities where walking and cabbing it is critical and key (SF or NY?), or where being out in the rain is the only option. So what do you do? I have eyed quite a few, and living in Southern California hardly offers me the chance to rightfully sport a pair of rain boots without feeling silly (my own personal thoughts).

Also, rocking rain boots, I have not really put it all together with how to rock them. Like, so I bring a bag for my heels and then rock my boots? I hate fussing with my wardrobe and being all self conscious about it… and while the love of collaborations have fashioned some fabulous looking ones which seem to eliminate my worrying- BUT still.

So imagine MY surprise (you gotta love twitter) when I found a brand who makes the booties that cover the shoes you are wearing? I love an ingenious solution that allows fashion, form, and function!


Enter in Shuella- Umbrellas for your shoes! HA!Shuella

Where did the founder Rebecca Miller come up with this idea for Shuella?

SHUELLA came about because I was frustrated that every time it would rain or there was inclement weather, I had nothing fashionable and functional to wear that would protect my shoes. I looked everywhere and when I could not find anything suitable, I designed and created them myself.

My goal was to design an extremely stylish, durable and convenient product to carry in your purse or briefcase. SHUELLA’S are easy to put on and strong enough to walk in with a slip free sole. I’ve also included a cloth to wipe off any excess water before you fold them up and put them back in their convenient pouch. I knew if I designed something that met my high standards that they would be perfect for women everywhere.

SHUELLA’S come in sizes just like your shoes and can be worn over any size heel. The fun and fashionable colors will surely brighten up those dreary days. And, of course, I’ve included classic black. So, don’t let the weather ruin your shoes again!


I have yet to try and play with these cute alternatives to rain boots, but at $49.95 and free shipping within the US, THE moment we enter into a rainy season, I will be checking out Shuella!

Q. What do you think? Would you don these instead of rain boots?

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Written by Marie Denee

I am the Editor in Chic of The Curvy Fashionista. Often goofy. Forever emo. Always a Virgo. You can find me somewhere grooving to 90s R&B.

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  1. I have looked everywhere and cannot find where to purchase any Shuella covers! As a matter of fact, I’d get a couple (each) for my daughter, my sister and myself….IF only I could find them. There really isn’t anything out there like this, and not every woman enjoys the idea of having her suede heels exposed, as they are with other so-called rain covers for heels. I tried one of those…once. Water got inside and I threw the (explicit mental word) things away as soon as I got home.

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