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#TCFStyle: This Sleeveless Blazer Gives Me Life and the Four Ways to Rock It!

#TCFStyle: This Sleeveless Blazer Gives Me Life and the Four Ways to Rock It!

Big beauty JMP sleeveless blazer

Sooo… a few weeks ago, I shared with you the collection that Stephanie from Big Beauty x Jean Marc Philippe did. In that post, I geeked out over this sleeveless blazer I saw Stephanie rocking out in, while we were in Milan together! So you can imagine my excitement when Stephanie shot me over one of the Big Beauty x JMP Sleeveless Blazers!

Big beauty JMP sleeveless blazer

Immediately I thought to myself… how many ways can I rock this blazer? I have long peeped this trend, and I think this is probably one of the only sleeveless blazers that I have seen in plus! This creamy white (Not stark white, but creamy) blazer quickly had my thoughts racing…

So, rather than giving you one look, I fashioned FOUR! So, let me share with you a few looks and how I styled it!

Four Ways to Rock this Sleeveless Jean Marc Philippe Blazer!

The first look, you already peeped on Instagram… did you see? Are you following me on Instagram? DO IT NOW! Hehehehe!!!

Look 1- Over a Maxi

Jean Marc Philippe Marc Plus Size Sleeveless Blazer

You know, I love my maxi dresses. I tried out this Rachel Pally Maxi dress with my blazer! This dress is season’s old, but ohhhh soooo good! You can cop a dress like this at Nordstrom too! I imagine this for lazy Sunday brunch dates or running around town a bit more casual! 🙂

Look Two- Giving Leg with Shorts

Jean Marc Philippe Plus Size Sleeveless BlazerHere, I see myself doing daytime events, running around town, or somewhere fancy! I paired this look with my Gap Floral Shorts (did you know they carry a wider range of sizes now!?!), my DKNY tube top, my BCBG heels I scored on Ideeli, and my woven clutch I scored from DSW!

Look Three- Sexy Mini Dress “Is she only wearing a blazer?” look

Jean Marc Philippe Plus Size Sleeveless BlazerIn this look, I wanted to see how it would look if it LOOKED like I was almost naked underneath and went quite forward. LOL. I paired my blazer with a strapless dress (do not remember by who!) and with my Just Fab studded heels sent to me from the Just Fab Team! I love these heels! My earrings are from Kueenz and Kingz, an Etsy Store with some really cool jewelry by my homegirl form College- KIYA! !

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Look Four- LA City Chic with Black Ankle Pants

Pardon the blurry photo… Night time shot!

I paired my blazer with these Torrid Stiletto Pants (YES, like those Torrid Stiletto jeans that I did the six ways to wear?!?! YES!!!!) OMG they are sooo fabulous that I bought two pair. YES. I bought two pair. Underneath, I rocked out in my Hanky Panky Lace Tank! Although you cannot see, I paired this look with my Guess Mixed Media Clari Heels!

You can score this Blazer here, at Jean Marc Philippe! And YES, it does ship internationally!

Which look is your fave? I sooo love how versatile this Blazer is, especially as I adhere to a specific set of personal rules when shopping! (Check that post out!) I already have a few other ways I want to rock it! I cannot wait!

Which look would you rock? How would YOU style this? Leave a comment and let’s talk about it!

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