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What’s Haute Now: Colorblocking

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One of the most NOW trends in fashion is colorblocking. Strategically placed, contrasting, yet complimentary, bold and bright colors paired together to create a unique look was seen on the Spring 2011 runways.

Gucci Spring 2011 Colorblocking Trend

For me, as I have made a conscientious attempt to rock more than black, this trend I am quite excited about. As a plus size woman, this trend can easily be had for us- especially as more designers are taking fashion forward steps to bring us on trend items to fashion color-blocking!

Fashioning the color-blocking trend

Well, there are quite a few ways to play with this trend, but the first step is understanding a few principles about colorblocking.

Color Play

Play up to three colors for an ideal combination. Not sure what colors to use? Style Prompt shared this fabulous color wheel and a few tips! She shares:

Color Wheel for Colorblocking Trend

The most popular theory for combining colors is called the rule of two-thirds. How you achieve the rule of two-thirds starts by making an equilateral triangle (a triangle with 3 equal sides) on the color wheel… From there, you pick two of the three colors that the triangle touches. These colors will almost always harmonize together beautifully.”

If you do not care to or are shy from mixing that many colors, the best way to ground your outfit is to play with neutrals- not always a skin tone nude. Your neutrals can be black, brown, navy, white, or grey! Chose a bold or neon color and take it back to one of these neutrals for baby steps into this colorblocking trend.

For ideal and modern color pairings, The Budget Fashionista suggests a few colors for you to play with:

  • Cobalt Blue, Yellow, Orange
  • Chocolate Brown, Pink, Peach
  • Purple, Bright Blue, Teal
  • Deep blue, bright pink, White
  • Coral, Grey, Ivory

If you do not want to go THERE with color, black and white offers a modern look with just as much play and viable options for you to play with- leaving the punch of color to your accessories.

T-Bags plus size colorblocking

This look right here gives you an idea of how fun and chic this can be!

Maximize the Curves

Colorblocking is more than rocking bold colors. This trend offers ways to enhance and play up to your curves. Use a neutral shade to minimize the parts you want to downplay and the bold color to enhance your curves in certain places.

Asos Curve Pleat Front Harem Pants
To draw attention upward, rock a bold color top and a neutral bottom! If you want to play up your curves, rock a bandage dress with peek a boo colors to emphasize your shape.

Accessorize to Maximize

Another way to introduce bold pops of color is to incorporate the saturated hues or colorblocked accessories to an outfit for a dynamic and standout look! Shoes, handbags, bracelets, and necklaces take part in this trend and are an amazing way to maximize your look!

Ready for this trend?

So, with all of that information, are you a fan of the colorblocking trend? I know I am!!!!

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Written by Marie Denee

I am the Editor in Chic of The Curvy Fashionista. Often goofy. Forever emo. Always a Virgo. You can find me somewhere grooving to 90s R&B.

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