Have You Checked out’s Jewelry? Fall Trends on the Score!

Sharing is caring! is not playing!!!  They sent an email over to the Curvy Fashionista about all of Overstock fall fashion jewelry and fall trends that had Marie and myself just oooohing and ahhhing at all of the wondrous pieces they’re offering this fall.  So when we chatted about all of the items, we talked about how amazing the offering is at Overstock!  

Let that sink in a bit…  Jewelry Trends for Fall

It really NEVER occurred to us to think of them for a place to check out for jewelry, but um… It is obvious that we have been missing out! On top of the fact that you will be able to find items that many wont have? I am all about the FIND and the SCORE. I mean, I may check for them for furniture and some household things, but fashion? HA!

Fall Jewelry Trends:

Running with Fall’s Jewelry trends, fashioned  four cute boards for their fall offerings, according to the trends:  At An AngleChic in ChainsCraving Candy and Pretty in Punk.  I had to do a double take at all of the accessories available.  I’m still reeling from the prices.  Which means my poor paycheck this Friday is about to get it!  I have a few pieces from each board I can see working into my daily wardrobe and closet.

Not to mention, if you’re like us, we are budget conscious (most days) and these accessories allow you to be amazing and gorgeous but with love and homage to your wallet.   I love how each of the boards has a separate personality. Getting down to it, I have a few friends who purchase accessories, furniture, jewelry and household items from all the time.  A few of them swear by it.  NOW, I can see why.

Do you have any faves from the boards?  Did you even know you could get such amazing deals at Overstock? What fall looks are you planning around this year?  Let us know!


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Written by Audrey Canady

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