OOTD Fail: Rain Rain Go Away

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Normally, I do not post on Saturdays… a day of rest in betwixt and between the week… but YESTERDAY. YESTERDAY was an OOTD Fail.

Yesterday, I was supposed to go to the QVC Pre- Oscar Party. The ONE event I finally could escape the house to do. I was GEEKED!

HOWEVER- the rain…

Leaving the house I felt CUTE! I cut off my hair, at least the top of my Mohawk thing… playing in some new makeup… my lashes were ON POINT!


The Curvy Fashionista OOTD: Rain Rain go Away

However, IE traffic, Friday night traffic, AND heading into the city traffic- I WAS DONE. When I realized it took me over 45 mins to go JUST 20 miles… I would NOT make it in time and I would be HELLA Tardy for the PARTY. With the torrential downpour and my fear of driving in the rain (once upon a time I was in a horrible car accident in the rain),

I felt like this:

The Curvy Fashionista OOTD: Rain Rain go Away

Now if you know me, I have a tendency to be melodramatic- YES… I do. So you can only imagine… as I turned around, sad faced, I popped onto my ONSTAR to share my frustrations by updating my status on Facebook… through my car… I could not wait to get home… I had to do this in the moment… I dunno if that is good or bad! LOL

So, I came home sad… defeated… and hopeful I did not burn any bridges, so I had moms take a few pics of me, cause I could not let this go to waste!

Here is what I wore:

The Curvy Fashionista OOTD: Rain Rain go Away

The Curvy Fashionista OOTD: Rain Rain go Away

  • Dress: Igigi (they have some OG items in their showroom that you have to take a peek at!)
  • Shoes: Guess (I scooped up these bad heels from Marshalls!!!)
  • Earrings: Courtesy of Igigi!
  • Ring: Ashley Stewart

So…. This is the story of my OOTD Fail… all because of YOU RAIN! And now I hear that it is snowing in parts of LA? OMG. Rain. You are fired.

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Written by Marie Denee

I am the Editor in Chic of The Curvy Fashionista. Often goofy. Forever emo. Always a Virgo. You can find me somewhere grooving to 90s R&B.

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