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Not Your Grandmother’s Bra- Meet the Olga Flirty Collection

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I love it when a brand introduces a newer, updated, and refreshed collection. Such is the case with Olga Intimates, a leading intimate apparel brand for curvy and fuller-busted women. So when they reached out to me to play in, test out, and share with you the latest from the collection- Olga Flirty, happily and curiously- I obliged!

So what makes this collection all new and fancy? Well, aside from the fact that Olga Intimates has historically been a bit more conservative in its styling, Olga Flirty also expands its size range to include women who are blessed up top, up to a 46 band size and G and H cup size and matching chonies up through a 4XL! Hey boo!

Not Your Grandmother’s Bra- Meet the Olga Flirty Full Figured & Plus Size Bra CollectionOf course, I had to give these bras a whirl! And if you had the chance to check out our bra post earlier this week, I know that with my shape of my girls, a Balconette or deep plunge works best for my shape! And for the first time in my personal history, I am showing (and facing my fears) of being kind of shirtless online. It’s all about being #FearlessFlirty!

“Sexy comes in every shape and size. Olga Flirty is a way of life. It’s confident attitude mixed with a playful sex appeal.”

Not Your Grandmother’s Bra- Meet the Olga Flirty Full Figured & Plus Size Bra CollectionI must add, I love the colors of the bras offered. My uber faves are the deep plunge in toasted almond and the balconette in purple velvet!

But this hot pink Lace Unlined Underwire option? Honey… I feel like I’d be walking around all day with a secret. You know… don’t you rock fancy underpinnings to feel fancy and playful? Just me? Oh.

Not Your Grandmother’s Bra- Meet the Olga Flirty Full Figured & Plus Size Bra Collection


So Here is the Olga Flirty Breakdown:

  • Four bra styles ($45 each) in deep plunge, balconette, unlined underwire, deep plunge with lace
  • Coordinating hipster panty ($12.50) in matching playful colors and prints
  • Sizes Bands Up to 46, Cups Up to H, Bottoms Large-4xl
  • Shop the collections NOW at Kohl’s and Macy’s

I am always here for more options, brands, and places to clothe our curves… aren’t you? Especially when it comes to my foundations, I need a great assortment to choose from.

You can learn more about the collection at!

The Olga Flirty line launches this month! Join the conversation using #FearlesslyFlirty!

Which bra calls out to you the most! Which ones are your faves? Let’s chat!

Disclosure: This is a sponsored post with Olga Intimates and my thoughts, feelings, and nerves to rock my bra like this are all mine. 

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Written by Marie Denee

I am the Editor in Chic of The Curvy Fashionista. Often goofy. Forever emo. Always a Virgo. You can find me somewhere grooving to 90s R&B.

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  1. 🙁 I wish more companies would come out with bigger cup sizes! I’m a full figured gal but don’t need the huge band, I need huge cups for the girls. H just doesn’t cut it, we need more of the alphabet represented 😉
    Guess I’ll keep buying European bras from Amazon.

  2. Yay! I’m also glad to see that at least the cups go beyond DD. Stops right around my own cup size, and maybe in the future, they will go further along the alphabet. I KNOW there are ladies out there with bigger knockers than mine.
    ( I used to be one, but had them surgically taken down a few notches, 20 years ago… And yet, I’m still G-H. Oy.)


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  3. It’s worth noting that Kohl’s has an intimates sale on right now, and when I checked the website, the Olga Flirty collection was included in it! So the bras are being listed at $30.99 before tax… A nice deal if you can find your size instore!

  4. Not big enough. In American bra sizes, I wear a 42M. There were already American bras available up to G-H that were somewhat easy to find. We need extended cup sizes that we don’t have to import from Europe.

  5. I read this entire blog entry. I was super excited to go to Kohls to find a bra and panties in my size. Ah, no. They go to a size 42. I was disappointed. I was also mad that I wasted my time after reading they had these sizes IN the store.

  6. Pretty disappointed to go to Kohls after having read this only to find out they only carry up to a 42 in the store. Would have loved to have not wasted my time.

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