This #NYFW, Clorox Debuts the Cloey de la Rox Collection

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While I am sooo sad that I am not in New York (more on this later) I was really excited to share with you, something that us dear to my heart- my clothes and the care for them. As particular as I am about my detergent, I am about my bleach. So when I heard that Clorox is debuting a new product WITH a cool event by Cloey de la Rox, I had to share with you… because, clothes and care literally go hand in hand. So let me tell share a little bit with you about Clorox® Smart Seek™ Bleach and all the coolness around it!

Clorox Cloey De La Rox Smart Seek

Firstly, who is this Cloey de la Rox? Well, under the nom de plume of faux fashion designer, “Cloey de la Rox”, Clorox Bleach is breaking out of its shell! Cloey (can we call her Cloey?) is known for her clean aesthetic, aka her signature white tee and white jeans, but this fall, she has a brand new collection that’s breaking ALL her rules. Isn’t this too cute?

Clorox Cloey De La Rox Smart Seek

How is she breaking all of her rules? Well, we have grown up learning and LIVING LIFE only putting bleach on our whites- DARING NOT TO MIX them with colors. Well, as my mother would say:


Could I imagine myself throwing bleach on a tee that has black on it? NOPE. NEVER. NO. HOWEVER, this is exactly what Cloey is here to change! Because this tee below? Could use a good bleaching.

Clorox® Smart Seek™ Bleach is no longer exclusive to all white items. Shall I say this once more? Or did you catch that?  Smart Seek™ allows for whites with some color to be thrown in with your regular whites load and come out looking just as sparkling. I mean, how many times do you live life on the edge, wondering… mayyyybe I will be okay? Or is this just me? Either way, knowing that my life will surely be saved makes me happy! Also, one less load? WOOT. Take a peek here:

 Clorox Debuts the Cloey de la Rox Collection

Let me give it to you straight from Clorox:

Clorox Cloey De La Rox Smart SeekClorox® Smart Seek™ Bleach whitens solid white and white garments with some color by leveraging a unique technology to deliver just enough power to remove stains and whiten the white parts of the garment, yet is color safe on most prints, patterns and trims on white garments (when used as directed)”

And perfectly timed for Fashion Week, Cloey de la Rox created a signature collection of patterned chonies! Check it out here! But there is more!

If you are in New York, you can check out the activation/event JUST outside of Lincoln Center! You can tweet, Instagram or Facebook your fave model-err pattern and if you include #smartseekNYFW and #sweeps, you could snag tickets to a show at Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week! While you are there, why not shoot a video of the cool models… um patterns and chonies! Bwahahah!

Thank the laundry gods for saving my randomly colored whites! I am here for all of this. Are you particular about your care of your clothes like me? Will you be checking out this new product?


**This is a sponsored post, and all of the excitement and thoughts and experiences with the product are my own.**

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