Ooh! 11 Fashion Finds For Nerdy & Curvy Fangirls!

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11 Fashion Finds For Nerdy & Curvy Fangirls

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  1. I love the idea of this list, but I know from experience and a friend who works at Hot Topic… The DC formal wear line and most of the Her Universe lines were poorly made and fell apart quickly. Especially the Poison Ivy dress, which had the problem of fraying open at the seams because the serging on the seams was done poorly for the type of fabric that was used.
    I do a lot of shopping at HT, but I can admit that I end up reserging 90% of the clothing items I buy.

    Personally, I find that the clothes from Think Geek tend to be more well made and are comparable, and often cheaper, in price.

    • Hi Thistle! I LOOOVE your name, btw.

      This is just a preview of things that I found. I am actually going more in depth with my finds and will hopefully be able to get some items and do unboxing and try ons and will give my feedback on them.

      I believe the Ivy dress is from Torrid, which has been a go-to of mine as the quality has been really great throughout the years. I have some pretty old dresses and they’ve held up for quite some time.

      I’m a thrifty but quality driven girl. I will pay for the price if it’s something I REALLY want (which in turn is most things, haha). However, I do reach out to the customer service if I find there may be something wrong with the product – and for the most part, I’ve always gotten a great response and they appreciate my feedback. This helps all businesses and manufacturers!

      I love Think Geek, too! I’m all for that twinkly skirt – you best believe I’m saving up for that lol.

      Do you have any other stores that you shop at that I could take a look into? 🙂

      Thanks for your feedback! STAY TUNED – There’s more coming from me 😀

    • Hi Thistle! I love your name BTW <3

      Thank you so much for your feedback! I have been a ThinkGeek Girl since their launch. Though the plus size is a new addition, it's growing rapidly – I love their shirts and am excited to wear them for the science marches in my area! That twinkly shirt tho – You best believe I'll be saving for that!

      As I've not purchased some of these items; I am curious and would love to try these on and see for myself how the quality is. Though it certainly isn't something you'd find on a regular in any store. I'll keep everyone posted when I try these babies on.

      Do you have any places that you go to when it comes to fangirl stuff? Aside from HT, TG and Torrid? I'd LOVE to know more.

    • The sequined Wonder Woman dress is actually remarkably well made. I went to school for design and have ten+ years of alterations experience and I wa very pleasantly surprised.

    • NooOOoOoO Natalie and Senta!

      hehe I’m getting this response a lot. What did you think you’d see? What excites you when you think of Fangirl stuff? I would LOVE to give you more of what you want 🙂 I also want you to give me more of what I want (shopaholics anonymous here I come)

  2. I love the sequined Wonder Woman dress, I was wearing it last weekend. Be advised though, those sequins are SHARP. The insides of my arms where they were resting against the bodice were raw after the first couple of hours. I’m going to try opera gloves to protect them next time.

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