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My Style: Getting Reacquainted with Old Navy Denim

There was a time in my life where I would be all about Old Navy and Old Navy Denim. I remember my friends and I while living in SF would go bananas about their clearance section, I would get my all black suiting from there, and I would be all about their jeans (because I have no hips). However, over time, as I got bigger, their selection smaller, and then regulated to their online options, I hardly shopped there anymore.

So when Old Navy reached out to have me play in their latest pieces, fashion an outfit, and to learn more about their new attention to plus, I was all game.

I decided to work with them to see and to share my feedback and to be an ally or a voice for us! Dammit. LOL

Getting Reacquainted with Old Navy Plus Size Denim

It has been a minute and I am always open to trying new old things! Right? Right. I mean, denim, layers, and a playful way to make it twerk? I am all here for it. And more specifically, the newest fashion options that they have available to us (if even online only).

Getting Reacquainted with Old Navy Denim

Well, what did I choose? I played with the Rockstar jeggings in the destructed wash! I loved the broken in feel and dude- jeggings! Because it has been a minute, I took a shot in the dark with sizing- rocking out in a size 18 skinny jean.

Getting Reacquainted with Old Navy Plus Size Denim I decided to cuff them, because I like this look on me and wanted to have a little fun! LOLOL I paired this with the Long Boucle Blazer in black tweed, because it looked pretty, warmth, and I love how long it is! It actually looks shinier in person, which is perfect for me because- all the pretty shin y things! LOL

Let me tell you, layering and trying to be cute in the cold? Not an easy thing.

Getting Reacquainted with Old Navy Plus Size Denim Because it is COLD in the south, layers are key and I wanted to have a little fun with black and white pattern play. So I picked out an ever so trusty waffle knit tee in the black stripe (which is currently sold out) but here are similar ones, here and here, and layered in the scarf from them too!

The scarf is sold out, but I did find a few faves here and here! Paired with a good pair of heels that I had in my closet, this is my finished look!

Being that Old Navy wanted to start this conversation, show that there are fashionable options, and that they realize the importance of the plus size shopper, I am hoping that these conversations lead to more dialogue about in store options, because I love my outfit!

They have cute pieces!

Getting Reacquainted with Old Navy Plus Size DenimI plan on checking for them a bit more, especially when it comes to a few updates wardrobe essentials at very competitive prices…

I mean, for reals!

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Written by Marie Denee

I am the Editor in Chic of The Curvy Fashionista. Often goofy. Forever emo. Always a Virgo. You can find me somewhere grooving to 90s R&B.

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  1. I am a long time old navy shopper. As a plus size woman I actually find the fit of their plus size line to be smaller than the standard women’s size. I do find a lot in the standard sizes because the other issue I have with old navy is that the plus size line is far more expensive than other lines. I love the outfit you put together!

  2. i really like the look. I especially like the way the denim fits you. I’m on a quest for denim that fit me nice. I’m so short that it can be difficult.

  3. I like the look you put together. I swear by Old Navy jeans. I gravitate between with a size 14 or 16, depending on the cut. I made my sister try on a pair after she swore they would not look good and she was pleasantly surprised. Because I am 5’2 and can’t wear heels a darker wash always looks better on me.

  4. Love this look. The shoes are adorable. I wish they had plus sizes in the store. I have a horrible time trying to find jeans that fit and are fashion forward and not old lady jeans. Lol

  5. As always, my dear, you look so lovely! What a great casual Friday work outfit or casual Saturday. I love the ideas you create in my brain with your looks… if only I could have your hair!

    Old Navy is a favorite of mine, but I dislike the fact that the plus size is mostly on-line and is more expensive than their other clothes, even men’s. They need to work on that if they want to promote their plus line to the every day woman.

  6. As an employee of old navy and a plus size girl myself it warms my heart and makes me proud to work for such a company that looks out for us. The options are endless not only in store but online as well. Thanks for doing this article. You won’t believe how many plus sized women who comes in believing they won’t find a thing for them, and walk out as fans of the brand. Ive noticed to latley how much they’ve been pushing the envelope with a bit more edge. I just wish other brands would be as daring. ( my closet is a bit one-sided lol)

  7. I agree, I love their clothes and have been happy buying tops, skirts and dresses. Other than workout pants though I have shied away from buying other pants. I am interested but until I understand the fit I don’t want to order something that doesn’t fit or order multiple sizes and return them. Pants are so fincky that it just doesn’t seem worth the effort as easy as Old Navy makes returns. It all spells hassel to me. In a dream world I could at least try some samples in store to make my ordering bucks more worthwhile. Otherwise my online dollars go to retailers with local stores as well as a great online selection I know will likely fit.

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