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I am Addicted to these Membership and Sample Sale Sites

I am Addicted to these Membership and Sample Sale Sites

membership and sample sale sites

Okay, my years of working in retail have me a bit jaded when it comes to paying full price and it has sharpened my skill at knowing what items to buy immediately and what to wait on… and then over the years, up pop these Membership and  Sample Sale Sites…

Shopping sales can be tricky, heck; I have a whole post dedicated to this. But when it comes to shopping, I can guarantee you that I am on these sites AT LEAST once a week! Whether I am shopping for accessories, plus size clothing, shoes, or items for the home, I am on there perusing the sites for what I may or may not need, but want.

ADD to the sweetness of the deal if I have had my eye on an item over the past few weeks and It arrives with my name all over it…

So what I wanted to do was share with you these sample sale sites, my invites (if you are not already signed up) and my thoughts on each one!

Are you ready?

My Thoughts on these Membership and Sample Sale Sites

membership and sample sale sites


I am definitely on this site at least twice or three times a week, checking for the latest in accessories and shoes. Every once in a while plus size fashion finds come plentiful, but it is varied. I am always checking though. ADD all day shipping and sometimes free shipping, returns are easy (Make sure you check if eligible), and I am usually happy with what I score here.


Loving this site for the plus size sample sales and add to this that they are affiliated with Nordstrom, you are sure to catch some of their Encore plus size fashions here often! Shipping is FAST! I mean really fast and returns are quite easy! I am checking the site weekly.

Beyond the Rack

I recently bought my new bed set form here and I scored my luggage set here. While shipping takes FOREVER, once you get your items, it will seem worth the wait! At least for me it does! Great options on shoes and accessories here too!

Gwynnie Bee

Kind of like renting your clothes to get a better idea on your plus size designer options, Gwynnie Bee has been gaining speed and popularity and I love what it offers and does for the plus size fashion scene. You chose the monthly fee and how many items you’d like to receive monthly and you will always have new items to play in monthly! Easy returns, shipping, and customer service!

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Just Fab

Shoes and accessories galore. I am hooked like no other. I once cancelled and signed back up again, it’s that addicting! Shoes, accessories, and they are playing around with capsule collections and offerings! ADD that they now have Wide width boot offerings, you cannot lose.

Sole Society

Another brand with relations to Nordstrom, but so cool! With accessories and shoes to play in till your heart is content, Sole Society offers all kinds of fashionable options for you to play with and in! Shipping and returns are quite easy too!

So this is what I have so far- the sites that have me constantly checking for them to spend my little monies on!

I am always here for a great deal!

What do you think? DO you shop these sites? Which are YOUR favorites? Have I missed any?

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  • I’m curious to know your thoughts on I’ve ordered from them twice, and both times the items were shipped back to them without ever reaching me. I’m reluctant to order from them again. I’ve shopped on ideeli for plus sizes in the past. Recently, however, their choices seem to repeat and the quality is poor. Just my observation. Thank you!

    • Really? I have never had an issue with them and have been shopping form them for years! You say they were shipped back without reaching you? Where do you live? I am curious about this issue?

      • I live in NYC. I ordered from them twice. Waited for weeks just to receive an email saying the items were shipped back. I’m wondering if it’s a USPS issue or the SimplyBe issue. I never even got notice that they were trying to deliver to me. I order from ASOS often and they just leave the packages at my door (I live in an apt building). I was even calling their customer service to try and track the shipment, but they had no way of tracking it. Thanks for responding.

  • Have you or anyone else ever ordered shoes/boots from SimplyBe? Curious as the price is right and the wide width options are great. But you get what you pay for and am nervous…

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