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Holiday Gift Guide for The Nostalgic One

Holiday Gift Guide for The Nostalgic One

Pokemon, platform sneakers, and crop top hoodies are all nostalgic gifts that have been welcomed back in today’s fashion and beauty climate. Letting go is hard to do, and now brands won’t let us forget the great parts of pop culture. Whether you or a friend still have flashbacks of Jane Fonda workout tapes or someone you know is still “totally buggin” over Clueless there’s a gift for that. 

We love a gift that screams “decades of the past.” There’s even a legit science behind how nostalgia is sought out as it brings about feelings of happiness. So if you know the nooks and crevices of someone’s favorite games and pastimes, it can help you out a bunch to determine which nostalgic gifts to shop.

The amount of ‘90s-inspired collections alone that have come out over the months is wild.

But using a nostalgic gift guide, which can apply to literally anyone you shop for this year, will make your shopping list shrink just that much faster. Plus, this list could even trigger some happy emotions of your own. 

Here are some of the best nostalgic gifts we think you need to grab ASAP:

Shopping for nostalgic gifts is easier than ever nowadays. With all of the decade-inspired fashion around, nostalgic gifts are at every single turn you look

Are there other nostalgic gifts you would add?

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Do any of the ones we picked tickle your fancy?

Let us know in the comments!

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