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Happy Birthday To Me- A Year of Personal Growth

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32 Years. HA! 32 Years.

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Happy Born on Day to me! (and to GabiFresh and my lil sister Kaprice who share this day!) and to all the other Virgos in the world… heyyy boo!

Happy Birthday to me! I am truly blessed to have seen a new year, celebrate a new year of growth, opportunity, and change. To say that nothing exciting has happened over the past year would be calling me a liar. Because, sister-girl-friend has had a hell of a full year! Rather than recap the highest moment, I rather wanted to share the BIGGEST lessons… that have made this year one of personal growth.

    1. Finding MY own purpose or Comparison is the Thief of Joy. You know we can easily get derailed from or can delay our own blessings by paying attention to others. We can be distracted, go crazy with self-doubt, question our own existence; I mean I can go on. It wasn’t until late last year that I threw my hands up and asked God where he saw me, what was for me, what was MY purpose. The moment I stopped trying to fit what I THOUGHT I SHOULD be and let what was already spoken or given play itself out, a tremendous weight has been lifted.We can easily get lost in feeling “not good enough” or question why X got Y instead of you, but while you are spending all this time watching, critiquing, and being salty- guess what? They are working and moving even further ahead… Moral of the story? Know what is for YOU is for YOU. What you have and your path is not going to be the same and your end result IS going to be different. Embrace YOUR purpose and live in the moment.
    2. Started from the Bottom Now We Here. You know, as cliché as this song and title may be, for me, this couldn’t be any more true for me. While I barely have shared the hustle and grind and the struggles of chasing my dream, let me tell you- THE STRUGGLE was, is, and will continue to be real. I believe this helps keep me grounded too. However, in this struggle, I have realized that I barely have taken the time to celebrate my successes. I get excited for two seconds then I find myself pushing myself further. I need to be careful here, so as I don’t dismiss or minimize my accomplishments. I mean dude… I have come far and my blog also turns FIVE this year? DUDE. For reals. Turning your passion into a business is a blessing and one I MUST allow myself to get giddy and excited about… who’d da thunk that after losing my job (so dramatically) would result in me working for myself? Blessings.

    1. Zen Mode. My mother recognized this or called this out to me. She said that she noticed my reactions to things and how I am more present in the moment… (sad I know) As a Virgo, I am a natural worrywart, so it is hard not to immediately freak out, but I have learned how to temper stress (cause it can kill you), deal with strained financials, keep cool in the face of adversity… while trying to maintain my sanity… This probably does include quite a few select curse words (I am a sailor) when I vent to my fam or friends, but hey, I get it out, process and keep going. After realizing how scary stress had affected me almost two years ago- after making some life changes, I learned how to deal… Zen mode for real.
    2. Being open to change and receiving life’s lessons. I have long learned that when you pay attention, life will teach you a few things or two. It is a much smoother process sometimes when you get it on the first go round, but yes. BEING OPEN, this is the critical piece here. After meeting my father and creating a dear friendship, my outlook on men, relationships, and love has a profoundly beautiful new meaning… and it is NOW something that is attainable for me. I have purposely busied myself in relationships that I never left or created the thoughts of something serious until now… through these lessons and moments that challenged my heart and comfort levels, I am grateful for the openness here and the lessons learned.

    Those are a few but the most memorable lessons I have noticed this past year that has really made its mark on me!

    Now, while it is my birthday, I am working- at New York Fashion Week with Lucky Magazine! As a correspondent, I will report to the “tents” and cover stories and events with my recap on the site! Make sure you follow along with me on Instagram! Are you following me there?

    Keep Calm Happy Birthday to me

    If you are in New York, who knows, maybe I will see you  around!

    Have you learned or experienced these lessons? Have you had the chance to find your way or what lessons have left its mark on you?

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    Written by Marie Denee

    I am the Editor in Chic of The Curvy Fashionista. Often goofy. Forever emo. Always a Virgo. You can find me somewhere grooving to 90s R&B.

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