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Skin is In! The Hand Creams We Are Obsessed With!

Wild Argan Oil Hand Cream by The Body Shop

The winter season just continues to barrel through. Wreaking havoc on not only your social life and work commitments, but also on your beauty routine. Due to the extreme cold temps and dry air, your skin is likely as parched as can be and in need of some serious relief to make it until spring, some serious hand cream.

One area of the body that’s often forgotten are your hands. Sure, you probably have a host of products to keep the skin on your face and body looking Instagram-ready, but what about your hands? With constant sources of blessings and grossness on your hands constantly throughout the day, hands are severely important to keep safe as they touch the rest of your body as well. Since your neck and your hands are always the tell-tell signs of your true age, it’s stressed that you make your hands a priority beyond your regular manicure visits.

Our round-up includes products that don’t just take care of your hands, but also the tedious cuticle area that requires intense moisture as well. You there’s nothing worse than dry cuticles! But enough explaining! Take a look at some of our picks for amazing hand creams!

The Hand Creams We Are Obsessed With!

Whether you are a hand cream connoisseur or a novice to the magic it can achieve, we have a round-up of hand creams that will make your hands so soft, supple and hydrated, they’ll practically be crying out to be touched.

Tell us fashionistas, did you see a hand cream from our list that you want to try to combat that dry winter skin?

Do you already have a favorite that wasn’t on the list? What are some ways that you like to make sure your skin and hands are soft and moisturized in the winter?

Let us know all your picks, tips and suggestions in the comments below!

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