My Style: Finding My “IT” and Playing in Shades of Blue!

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Sometimes, a little color is all you need. For me, I wanted to play, feel, walk confidently into this new year and when I found this Chic and Curvy two piece, I knew that this would be the perfect outfit to rock with as I challenged myself to Walk In IT.

What is my “IT?”

For each person, it will be different… for me, it is my truth. It is bringing out Marie, who has been muted or who has shrunk herself to be professional, polite, and whatever ideal I had formed in my head… My IT is being confident in my presence, my existence, and my being- no matter what! It is me dancing, singing, cursing, praying, smart-assing, and standing in who I am, unapologetically.Marie Denee in Chic and Curvy

IT is me twirling down the street, blasting a little Khalid “Location” and two-stepping in my office. It is me sharing my random thoughts, without fear of judgement. It is me letting go of “lies” I told myself. It is getting rid of the idea of scarcity and facing the fear of abandonment head on.

Marie Denee in Chic and Curvy

IT is me unpacking with my therapist (the best thing ever I could have done for myself), releasing decade long hurts. IT is me challenging my stinking thinking that I am not enough; Newsflash: We are all enough, just as we are.

IT is me understanding that Confidence? Is an action and that building confidence is a series of intentional actions. I did not come to this thought process on my own, my April helped me understand this.

IT is me sharing more of my interpersonal journey and owning this process. Not walking in shame, but owning my mess, past hurts and issues, and growing through it, healthily.

Marie Denee in Chic and Curvy

IT is getting my business together as I have aspirations and goals, and putting new processes in place to allow it to flourish. Reading books, taking classes, investing in myself and brand.

IT is learning just who I am. At 35. As a business woman. As a friend. As a sister. As an aunt. As a daughter. As a woman of God.

It is being okay in being JUST WHO I AM, AS I AM, WHEN I AM.

And this process has shown me that it is okay to Like Myself, Love Myself, and to Celebrate Myself every now and then. So, when I saw this outfit, one that I would have admired from afar, I dared myself to put it on, strut it out, and to live a little!

This is me, Walking In IT. (albeit, a little nervously, but Confidence? Is an action!)

Marie Denee in Chic and Curvy

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How are you challenging yourself to feel better, learn confidence, walk taller? What pieces in your closet (because we all have them) inspire you to stand taller, twirl a bit more, and rock out?

Let’s talk about it!

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Written by Marie Denee

I am the Editor in Chic of The Curvy Fashionista. Often goofy. Forever emo. Always a Virgo. You can find me somewhere grooving to 90s R&B.

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