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Feminine Plus: Classic Plus-size Lingerie

Feminine Plus: Classic Plus-size Lingerie

On my blog I have talked a lot over the years about the need for more than just the same plain undies that we all have seen for years.  It seems like in the US once you pass a 44DD the choices are pretty limited when it comes to a bra.  Fortunately I am claiming that we are in the golden age of plus-size everthing which means no matter what there are going to be great strides made.  With that in mind the UK has been firing things up in the lingerie department.  One of the merchants who is part of the surge is Feminine Plus.

Below are a few examples of what they have to offer in terms of bras.

With sizes that range from 40B to 54H it should be a breeze to find your size.  The prices are comparable with most lingerie sites on the Internet and they ship to most countries.  For more savings get 10% off your next order when you sign up for the Feminine Plus newsletter.  Though we are talking about bras today the knickers aka panties section of the website is worth a look at as well.  US shoppers remember UK sizes are different than US a size 12 in the US is a size 14 in the UK.  Just remember when shopping in the UK whatever your size is go up to sizes to be sure of proper fit.

About Feminine Plus?

Feminine Plus was established in 2004 and is an independent online boutique, specialising in beautifully-made, stylish and classic lingerie, for any occasion (sizes 14-34).

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Feminine Plus is committed to offering great quality lingerie, that not only looks fabulous and feels wonderful, but provides an exceptional fit, whatever the size.

Our garments are hand-picked, ensuring that the fabrics used are always soft and sensual, and the cut is always stylish and flattering. Many of our pieces are exclusive to Feminine Plus and we are constantly extending and updating our range, both in response to new design, fabric and manufacturing techniques, and what we know our customers love to wear.

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  • I’m so thrilled with the selection here! Thank you so much for sharing this link! Sometimes I can spend hours in the evening looking for a unique, classy, sexy piece of lingerie only to feel like I’m looking at the same site over and over again. It seems that most stores only stock from 2 or 3 main distributors and as a result there is a glut of gaudy, cheap looking, poorly fitted lingerie for plush bodies. It is a wonderful relief to see such pretty items! I’ll be trying them out soon.

  • My problem is finding a corset (top or even lingerie) in the look I want but one that fits my large tummy, and yet my modest bust. I would write “someday” but I want one now, haha. Anyway, because “plus” and cup size usually go hand-in-hand, I’m kind of thinking that’s not where I’ll fit in – but I’ll still look! Oh and there’s also the butt, nothing covers one end of the butt and the other wide end, mostly the middle! That’s fine, everyone knows a “bubble butt”, and generally big butts, are most desired – so why feel bad about a little off-sizing? Weird thing is, the larger I go, it still doesn’t cover, sags like too large. Oh, the world just does not make certain things to fit certain shapes (a size small butt is supposed to be perky, not mine yet I’m so petite I am an S in panties)), but still I know the facts about sex appeal, therefore I’m still happy. The moral is let’s all feel good, or whatever we should feel about ourselves on our own, regardless of the stupid mass-produced patterns!!

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